Thursday, July 19, 2012

Searching for Roy G Biv - Yellow...updated

In the never ending quest to find Roy G Biv, 
I scoured London for examples of July's color and found them everywhere.

Hey Julie! This post is for you.

From the buoys in the Thames

to a building neaby

 to the dock behind the Tower Hotel
[where we stayed]
yellow seemed to be a favorite color.

It was used to transform a simple door

and add interest to a  metal sculpture along the Thames River walk.

Even the graffiti along Brick Lane used it well.

Looking up in London always provided a surprise or two.
This time a bit of color on an office building along the Thames.

 The bicycle leaning nonchalantly against this store front 
on Portobello Road was a favorite

 as were the glass knobs in another shop.

 Our last morning in London found me photographing 
this sculpture and it's watery reflection after an enthusiastic rain.

 There's even one of the most famous yellows of all, 
proudly displayed from Tower Bridge.

 Back home, these dancing ducks,
 that were a gift to the girls from Grandma Joanna,
 make my heart sing with silly happiness each time
I watch them shaking their tail feathers to the tune of the sun.

Have you got yellow?

Arzigogolare has the most intriguing yellows that she took in Venice. 
And if you haven't seen Julie's offerings, just click here.


  1. Good Morning.
    I love the British yellow...jolly good! And much more interesting than my VA yellow...ah well...Hope we have some players over the next few days.

    1. Bloody brilliant has always been a favorite Brit comment. Jolly good too. Glad you like the London yellows that I found!

      You know, I'm having so much fun remembering Roy and getting shots of the colors that it really doesn't matter if anyone else plays along...but it would be lovely to see all my favorite blogs displaying the same color in their thumbnails one morning.

      Time to mosey over to your blog to see what yellows Viriginia offered. Cheers!

  2. Love all your images and k now where they all are tooxx lynda

    1. Glad you like the photos! Hope I did your city proud with them. I truly enjoyed being able wander new areas and discover some hidden jewel in each. Of course, that our hotel was at the base of Tower Bridge added to the experience. Stroll out the front door and there's the Thames and the Olympic rings and all. Just heavenly!

  3. I have enjoyed all your posts about London - Your photography is very skilled and at the same time really personal. Glad that you are home safe and ready to work in the studio again.

    1. Hi Judy! Glad you like the photos.I wondered if you had time to see much of London while you were there. Did you get to the Tate to see the Hirst exhibit? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

      Thank you for the compliment on my photography skills. Been carrying a camera around since I was...oh...10 or so. Still have plenty to learn.

  4. Hi J sorry but I forgot this time...we are away for afew days and I can't.even play catch ups. Next time I promise!!

    1. Not to worry Fiona. There's green to be had next month if you want to play along...and if I remember to post a reminder.

  5. I love your 'yellow' tour of London (and have enjoyed the many other images you posted during your trip as well)! I think the yellow door is my favorite - it's such a vibrant, warm, sunshiny shade, and the perfect antidote to grey skies & 'enthusiastic' rain...

    Today I finally managed to post some Venetian yellows & golds...thanks for the inspiring challenge!

    1. I love your Venetian yellows! Keep trying to decide on a favorite, but can't. The second one down on the left...reflection...of water? fascinating. But then they all are.

      Thanks for playing along! I'm excited to see your greens next month.


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