Sunday, June 3, 2012

3rd Annual Artist Retreat - Friday part 2

Pam has been working with a fabric that she purchased recently from a little country store that carries a bit of everything. The owner could not identify it. Pam took one look and saw potential. She knows that the fabric is a spun polyester, but beyond that...well...

And it doesn't matter, because Pam has had the most fun this week what if-ing, just doing it, focusing, keeping it simple and cropping. Yes. If you read Friday part 1, you'll know that the mantras were mentioned. Seems they've found another home and were put to the most excellent use.

After painting a 16 foot length on Thursday, Pam was looking for a quicker way to do it on Friday. She folded the length until it fit nicely on the printing table and started. I grabbed my camera and happily snapped away.

And this is what 15 minutes of our Friday was like. Think what if then just do it. No delaying, no over-thinking, no re-thinking. Just. Do. It. Keep. It. Simple.

And, believe me, the results are sublime.


  1. Wow! Amazing where a 'what if' can take you...this looks gorgeous and also such a lovely time in the making...hope things are settling on return.

    1. Fiona, the week was overflowing with "what ifs". The best part was that we carried through with them to discover the answer to the query.

      At one point, I hesitated at something for a second or two, looked at Pam and said "no fear"and just did it...whatever "it" was, can't remember right now. The phrase seemed appropriate to our week. Maybe "no fear" should be added to our mantra list. Hmmm...

      It was late afternoon yesterday by the time we got back to the house and my dose of Bonine was really kicking in so it wasn't long before I crawled in bed. All is well. The house is still standing. No disasters anywhere. And all were happy to have me back. keep up the creative momentum of last week!

  2. J- what an amazing outcome by keeping it simple - just looks beautiful - gl;ad you clicked away. B

    1. Barry...glad to have you back! If you like the process above, just wait until I get around to editing photos from last Saturday. I should have secretly packed a length of Pam's painted fabric in my bag while I had the chance. Shhh....don't tell.


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