Sunday, June 3, 2012

3rd Annual Artist Retreat - Friday part 1

Friday was a day of accomplishments. A day of what ifs, just do it, keep it simple, focus and crop it. All my mantras [plus a new one] rolled into one delicious day.

 Friday morning's screensaver compliments of Pam's husband. 

 A bit of rusty tea exploration on paper.

 Figuring out what to do with these.

Pam's first completed piece outside the annex.
2 lengths of 16 feet each drying inside.
 My view from the shared work table. 
Love the play of the colors.

 Pam's luscious water fabric.

 Feather from Julie

 Light and shadows.

 A sliver of sunlight gracing my rusts.

 The sound of water moving will be missed.
Need one in my studio.

 Hmmm....what to do?

 Crop it.

 Then crop it again.
Esmerelda approved.

Green tea #1

 Green tea #1 is now 3
 My halogens [photo above] need to be replaced with sunlight or color correct lights.
Isn't the color here wonderful?

 Pam's water fabric stretched on canvases.

 My rusty remnants after going on a tear
and cropping oh! so many.
 3 rusty thread nests for Jeanne

135 rusty squares of varying sizes waiting to be stretched onto canvases


  1. Sigh. I love where Green Tea #1 ended up - what a trio! And Pam's first finished piece just makes my heart slow and fall in love. I've totally enjoyed watching from afar and am only just beginning to comment again. Sigh again.

    1. Tearing green tea #1 is where I hesitated a bit...hands were positioned, Pam had stopped breathing as she watched, a quiet yet strong "NO!!!" rang in my brain and I quietly said "no fear" before rending the cloth not once, but twice.

      I taped the top piece to a canvas while Pam stitched. Her response when she looked up and viewed the new piece was confirmation that the right thing had been done.

      Pam's water - for it is water or possibly mountains with the mist rolling in - is magnificent. There are more photos of it to come.

      It's good to have you back and able to take the time to comment. Barry is being a good patient and not overdoing it?

  2. This feels very like earth and sea ...... A beautiful marriage of the two and though you are working in different ways, there is a lovely relationship happening there. I can feel the fun you are having and think I understand the delight it can be working alongside someone now that I have shared that experience with Fiona.

    1. Earth and're the second or maybe third to voice that thought. There is a photo yet to be posted [just arrived back home last night and haven't had time to edit it yet] from Saturday's show and tell session with our friend Julie B Booth of our work together on Pam's display board. It had us standing in awe of how well it blended and complimented the other's. There's an exhibition there if only we can narrow it down a bit.

      Working along side someone who you are in sync with is an amazing experience...whether creatively or otherwise. I kept referring to how we worked together in the Pam's print area 2 years ago as a ballet...and it was. It was last year as well when I took over the print area. And this year was no different. Next time will be in my studio and given that it is much smaller than Pam' will be interesting, but we'll ballet none the less.

  3. haven.
    cropping - brilliance that fills my head with swirling possibilities.
    thank you!

    1. Haven. Heaven.

      Yes. It is...both, equally. How intuitive of you.

      As for cropping, well, it's taken me a while to learn the brilliance of it - other than applied to photos, that is - and I learned from Pam.

      Last year, she had worked on a piece that was roughly 12" x 12 or 16 feet. Several layers, some printed, mostly hand stitched together. She kept thinking about cropping it into multiple pieces. I practically begged her wait until I had a chance to see it as a whole...and she did.

      The first day of last year's retreat, she unrolled the glorious length across the studio floor. I ogled, oohed, aahed, drooled, took photos trying to capture the length and artistry. And then had to walk away as 1 became 4. It was pure torture on my part. could say that I got even this year. Pam had seen nearly all my rusty fabrics via Skype, yet there's nothing like seeing them in person. Groans issued forth...and not from me...with the first rending. This time it was she who had to walk away. On a certain level, that added to the fun...terrible of me to admit, isn't it? Still...

      Yes. Cropping can be brilliant. Sometimes the section is much better than the whole.

  4. Your green tea pieces and Pam's water fabric ..... so beautiful!!
    A ballet .... I like that.

    1. Thank you Robyn! In the end...and those photos are to come...even we stepped back and were amazed at how well our work plays together.


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