Saturday, May 26, 2012

What a week

You know how usually once spring and summer hit Mother Nature likes to play with us and have the weekdays be gorgeous and the weekends be rainy? Well, the cycle is mixed up here - we've rain during the week with bright, warm, sunny weekends. And that is good. 

However, all the rain has left me feeling a bit moldy...

until the other day when I began to feel a bit rusty too.

So did Ellie, now that I think about it.

Even the stripeys were feeling soggy and rusty, dreaming of sunny days to come.

The paper seemed to thrive in our tropical climate and soaked it all up without complaint.

Nice and dry inside, I began to pack
my rusty bag for Sunday's trip to Oz
which left the studio walls empty and waiting for new work.

The proposal for a 2013 solo show at Silvermine Arts Center was completed and delivered.

Ellie and Grace got to see mommy's art hanging somewhere other than in her studio.

The best part was attempting to blow the metal pinwheel gracing Silvermine's entrance into movement. 
The wind came to their aid and helped set it to moving.

I decided to pack my green and black tea and rain rusted paper. 
They'll ride in suitcase tomorrow

while these bundled beauties get to relax all week.

Next post will be from Pam's. Have a great week!


  1. I'm glad the walls are means I will see it all!...and love that you are bringing rusted paper as well. You will be easy to spot at the airport with that bag. HA! See you tomorrow.

    1. In case you've forgotten what I look like, just look for the short lady with rusty bag almost as long as she is tall. Ha! I'm upstairs getting ready to pack clothes. Can I do a load of laundry mid-week?

  2. oooohhhhh - love that rusted paper - experiencing lust!

    1. We've mutual lust for each other's rusted papers.

    2. Can't wait to see what you do this week. We will have to figure out the best day to Skype (just got back home fr Savannah).

    3. Skype is easy Julie. How does your Wednesday or Thursday look time-wise? I'm thinking one of them would be a good day to Skype.

    4. Wednesday morning might be best. I have to leave around 4:10 for Alexandria. I work at the gallery on Thurs. Let me know a good time on Wednesday.

  3. love seeing your work and am jealous of you going to Paris. I love that city..have funxxxlynda

    1. Thank you Linda! I'd love to be in Paris too, but am actually at my friend Pam's house in Kansas. This is our 3rd artist retreat week where we ignore the world and lock ourselves in her studio to play, experiment and create.

      Now...tell me about Paris. I've never been.

  4. Oh the stacks of green and black tea and rain rusted paper ... lovely image! Enjoy your artist retreat!

    1. So glad you like the papers. They are delicious...especially for a first try.

  5. yikes!
    I am whirling
    in your whirlwind of creativity
    oh my goodness
    where to begin???
    you and Pam have been BUSY
    love every bit
    more more!

    (ps - will go back and try to make useful, calm commentary)

    xox - eb.

    1. Why make a calm commentary
      when whirlwinds can be
      so much more fun and descriptive?

      Thank you for your words!


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