Sunday, May 20, 2012

Green tea vs red tea

Friday morning began as my usual garden variety Friday morning. Get up, fix tea, head to the studio to blog surf and answer emails, hit the shower, get the girls ready for preschool, go to Starbucks for a chai, come back home to Skype with Pam.

Along the way...just minutes before our Skype session was due to begin...I had my usual springtime sobbing breakdown to my husband about the changing light, the closed in feeling in the house and yard, the girls driving me batty, being homesick for the Washington, DC area, not being able to go outside with the girls without the resulting skull splitting headaches from whatever is still blooming, blah, blah, blah... It all came out in a torrent that was unstoppable and, unfortunately, totally predictable. All the gloomy feelings had finally built up inside and were demanding to be set free.

Now in our 6th year living here, my husband is accustomed to my springtime behavior. He handled it admirably. Even had a few suggestions - like go to the doctor about what's blooming and the headaches. Well...duh...why hadn't I thought of that? Seriously. Why hadn't I thought of it?

Anyway...that's how my morning began and then it was time to Skype with Pam. So there I sat, all splotchy from crying and still sort of leaking from my eyes, admitting the whole episode to my dear friend. We discussed moving next year's artist retreat to April in hopes that it will help alleviate my ennui, et al. I showed her the boxes of my rusty fabrics packed and ready to go.

As we talked about what we'd each like to do next week when we're together, Pam inquired about the red tea and how it was doing. I reached to the table behind me for the bundle and unwrapped it.

 red tea #1, 30" x 72"

It turned out nice. The white cotton dyed a bit more amber-ish than those where black tea was used. Still, it looks a lot like the black tea pieces.

Pam showed what she'd experimented with during the week. Oh! Just wait til I get there. Hopefully, she'll let me take photos and post them. She has been having the most exquisite fun!

As we continued chatting, the sound of Pam's doorbell ringing could be heard via cyberspace. She stepped away to answer the door and I reached behind me again. This time to heft green tea #2 onto the work table. 

 My curiosity was just too strong

so I began to unwrap it while waiting for Pam's return.

She soon rejoined me and the sounds of her oohs and aahs were music to my ears.

No one else has ever been present during the unwrapping and unbundling process.

In fact, it usually takes place in the early morning while everyone else is sleeping.

green tea #2, 60" x 72"

And is case you're wondering how green tea compares with red tea...

red tea #1    -     green tea #2    -    green tea #1

Green tea #2 was still damp in the photo, but even dry it is still a good bit darker than green tea #1. More tea bags were used and it rusted longer. 

Somewhere toward the end of our Skype session, Pam commented that we really need to get our husbands to move so we can be closer to each other or we need to find studio space that we can share. Somewhere that we can travel to easily, that can be padlocked when neither of us are there, by water preferably, with high ceilings and huge open space so we can work large. I suggested a loft space with a kitchen and bedroom area so we can live in it also when there rather than having to stay in a hotel. 

We need an affordable time share studio space. Yes. That's it. Somewhere between Kansas and Connecticut [Sorry Fiona. Australia is just a tad too far.] where we can meet to work together and explore new ideas.'s out there the universe and cyberspace. If you know of anything, please, please, please let me know.

Speaking of Fiona of Paper Ponderings...Barry, her husband and author of Rustnstuff, was in the hospital for a few days. If you have time, send some healing thoughts in his direction.

Oh! Almost post on Searching for Roy G Biv - Red turned into a bit of contest to see who could identify the objects in my photos. Three were pretty obvious, but 2 weren't. Julie got a 4th right - the metal tags - while Fiona got the last one - the Picasso quote stamped on wrapping paper. Each will be sent a rusty fabric...once I'm reunited with them next week at Pam's.

Lots to do before this week before boarding the airplane that will whisk me off to Oz bright and early next Sunday morning. Stay tuned!


  1. The fabrics are so amazing to me...I love that there is some unpredictability...the surprise of opening this wonderful gift. I'm really looking forward to my "prize".

    Been reading the book, "The Wishing Year"...something tells my that you and Pam will find your studio/timeshare now that you've put it out into the universe.

    I see all those fabrics heading to Pam's. Do you already have in mind a plan of what you are going to do or do you just figure it out when you get there?

    I spent the most aggravating amount of time yesterday putting together my first newsletter on MailChimp. I hope it will now get easier. I'm not totally happy with the format but at least it's done and ready to be released on May 26. Just click on the button on my blog if you'd like to get it.

  2. What Pam and I discuss has a way of happening. When we began talking about shared studio space on Friday - Pam is who put it out there...her idea - it just clicked in our heads. I asked what she thought of really putting it out there via the blog. Kinda figured it couldn't hurt. We'll see what transpires.

    As for my rusty fabrics, I'd love to come back with, at least, the bones of completed works collaged and pinned together. Actually, if 2 or 3 completed pieces could come out of next week, I'd be thrilled.

    That said, our muses get together and whisper and laugh and giggle and plot and plan and usually do everything they can to insure that Pam and I end up working on something totally different than we'd planned. Or, at least, that's how the past 2 artist retreats have gone...and we've run with it.

    Stay tuned!


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