Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stacks and stashes

Last week, midst my springtime ennui, while gazing at a small stack of used tea bags wating to be added to my stash, I wondered what stacks and stashes others have in their studios. Those sometimes quirky materials that were once collected with the thought in mind that they'd be perfect for creating...something...one day...

Many left wonderful lists and descriptions of their stashes in comment on the Thursday post. I shamelessly asked for photos. Elizabeth, Fiona and Susan humored me and posted the most exquisite photos of theirs. Just click on their names to see for yourself.

I sat in front of the computer, nose nearly touching the screen, fingers twitching and itching to touch, eyes opened wide in delight, oohing and aahing all the while. Nirvana via cyberspace, it was.

So...to return the favor, here are a few of my stashes.

wine corks - good for discharging circles

journals for those artist journals I admire so much,
yet just cannot create...yet

all 105 5"x5" pieces of

Starbucks cup sleeves, 
It's the corrugated arc when opened that fascinates me so.
Just imagine printing with them...

netting from fruits and vegatables




  1. first off,
    I love the artistry in the images
    the palpable texture,
    the netting in particular
    is surprisingly lovely...
    the story/tale - so quietly powerful
    loved seeing all the steps in your link...
    and your cork stash inspired me
    to carve up and discharge some x's
    which led to some old linen pants
    becoming xox-ed...
    you never know
    where your lead will lead
    but is always delightful to follow...

    xox - eb.

  2. Thank you.

    When will we be seeing your xox-ed pants on the blog?

    Sorry...working in sound bites today.
    Too much time outdoors with the urchins yesterday
    has left my head and sinuses...well...not being good today.

  3. utter loveliness!
    what a delicious spread of collections!
    it opens my eyes
    to all the beauty i miss
    in the mundane.
    tomorrow, i shall post
    of my own stacks,
    per your inspiration.

    1. Oh! The mundane can be extraordinary
      if one views it from the right angle...sometimes.
      Excited to see you stacks tomorrow
      as they're bound to be lovely.

      Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a lovely bunch of stacks! It's such a hoot once you start looking - i keep discovering even more stacks of stuff I've been thinking 'maybe one day' about. That stack of 105 squares almost made me swoon - my kind of stack! And that type. To sigh for.

    1. For me, it's not so much actual stacks as stuff stored in bins...like the letterpress pieces and...well, everything in the photos. They're all safely tucked away in the studio closet waiting for one day...

      Even I must admit that when reviewing the post about the 105 squares, the photo of 88 of them hung on one of the boards was cause for a dramatic intake of breath followed by some silly utterance like "Wow. Those are really good." Then, of course, it struck me who'd done them and well...silly is a good word for how I felt too.

      And you're right...once you start looking all those long forgotten treasures leap back out at you. One day...my bead collection...


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