Sunday, April 8, 2012

Searching for Roy G Biv - green

My friend Julie of the Julie B Booth blog, wrote a post the other day entitled Searching for Roy G Biv which showed the most beautiful yellow hibiscus and included the words Yellow. 'Nuf said.

I looked from the hibiscus photo to the blog title to Julie's short text a couple of times, wondering all the while what the connection was. Was Roy G Biv a botanist? Was he an author as well? Or an artist, perhaps, of botanical illustrations. Just what did Roy G Biv have to do with a yellow hibiscus?

So...oh! the laughter really can be heard via cyberspace, you know...I did a quick Google search on Mr Biv.
[I know that sound! Someone just fell off their chair from laughing so hard!] And felt like a blooming idiot. [pun totally intended] Never had I heard the colors of the rainbow referred to as Roy G Biv. Or if I have, it was long ago forgotten.

The funny thing...admittedly not near as funny as my not knowing what Roy G Biv that the day Julie posted yellow was the same day I had posted Red. A challenge was issued [from me to her] to see who could post orange, which Julie won with photos from SCAD, better known as Savannah College of Art and Design.

With red, orange and yellow covered, green is next and it's my turn. Here are a few offerings from around the house.


  1. Very nice. I love how the light is coming through the fern leaves and the glass house. I have violet all set (a surprise) but want to wait a bit.

    1. The fern frond photo is good. I ventured downstairs at just the right time to catch the sunlight coming through the window. The glass house was a present from Pam when we moved to CT. 6 years of hanging in that window may have it permanently attached.

      I loved your orange offerings from SCAD! Sorry my greens weren't more artistic...was in bed most of the weekend trying to get over a cold/flu thing...with a break for making Easter cupcakes with the girls, that is.

  2. Well here I am a rainbow kind of gal and I didn't know that! So feel free to join me on the bumpkin list! We also simply say purple over here; not violet, so our guy must be Mr Bip which I kind of like as well.

    1. Oh1 Thanks for the laugh. I'll be happy to keep you company on the bumpkin list as I also learned it as purple. Actually, it seems I learned Roy indigo or violet.

      Care to join us on our search for blue?


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