Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm in Philadelphia for a few days to see some of the exhibits comprising FiberPhiladelphia 2012, enjoy a good meal or two at favored restaurants and maybe...just maybe...relax a bit.

The first stop was Snyderman-Works Gallery for the 8th International Fiber Biennial where the work of two of my favorite artists, Dorothy Caldwell and Jeanne Williamson, grace the walls. Sisters by Ann Coddington Rast and Plain Weave with Stripes by John Paul Morabito captivated me as well.

 inside the door at Snyderman Gallery

 Dorothy Caldwell, How Do We Know It's Night?
120" x 114", wax resist and silkscreen discharge on cotton with stitching and applique, 2011

 Dorothy Caldwell's How Do We Know It's Night?, detail

 Jeanne Williamson, The Fence as Lace VI
73" x 73", monoprinted, hand stamped, hand painted, stitched fabric, 2011

 Jeanne Williamson, The Fence as Lace VI, detail

 Ann Coddington Rast, sisters
6' x 7' x 6", twined linen and hand knotted netting, 2011

 Ann Coddington Rast, sisters, detail 1

Ann Coddington Rast, sisters, detail 2

John Paul Morabito, Plain Weave with Stripes, detail
84" x 45", wool, weaving, burning 2009

My next stop was Wexler Gallery for their exhibit, Narrative Thread. It was there that I discovered the exquisite embroidery of Erin Endicott.

 Erin Endicott, Healing Sutra #28
18" x 15.5", hand embroidery and walnut ink on antique baby dress

 Erin Endicott, Healing Sutra #28, detail

In case you think this weekend is all play and no work, you should know that I left three gears happily rusting. They're working...I'm playing...and relaxing...emphasis on relaxing at the moment.


  1. Love the selection of work you show here. Gushing over Dorothy. Saw her in Dec. here in Cleveland. She is divine. Jealous that you were in Philly.

    1. You are not alone in gushing over Dorothy. Took her mark making workshop in 2006 and it changed my art profoundly. You are correct - she is divine, as is her work. The piece at Snyderman is HUGE and absolutely stunning.

      There's more to come - Crane Arts Building today for sure.

    2. India Flint and I met while we both took Dorothy's Master Class in 09. Have been a huge fan since. Sounds like we're in good company and have aligned art aesthetics. Oddly enough, I was making my little marks before I knew her. It was kismet.
      Looking forward to reading about Crane.

  2. what stunning images Jennifer!
    especially love Healing Sutra #28
    and your details of Sisters
    glorious batch of photos
    still scrolling
    have a wonderful time...

    xox - eb.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I thought of you when viewing Erin Endicott's wonderful pieces. There were more, but #28 was my favorite.

      Am taking a break before heading out for dinner. Hopefully, the fire alarm will not go off 2 am...or any other time.

      Enjoy! J

  3. Oh my - these works take your breath away don't they? Must have been wonderful to be present with them. Those tiny wee burnt holes in John Paul Morabito's work - sublime! And I really like the sisters as well, as well as the others! Thanks and I really look forward to the next expose (if only I could put an acute accent on that last e...).

    1. It was indeed wonderful to stroll among the artwork at the Snyderman Gallery. Thought you'd enjoy John Paul Morabito's work with it's myriad of burn holes. I kept imagining the process of burning all those holes - the scent of incense mixed with smell of burning wool, the texture, etc. Remarkable work.

  4. I think India introduced me to Dorothy Caldwell's beautiful work. It must be amazing seeing How Do we Know its Night, face to face. I'm drawn to Sisters by Ann Coddington Rast too. Enjoy your few days!

    1. To see How Do We Know It's Night in person is an experience to remember. The piece is HUGE, measuring roughly 10 feet square. While at first glance it seems to be simply black and white with large ovals, a closer look shows the running stitch that lays out a grid as well as the subtly colorful patches. Just exquisite. I'll be seeing more of Dorothy's work today at the Mending - Art exhibit.


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