Sunday, March 18, 2012

Philadelphia - A Sense of Place

Bet you thought I had finished posting about last weekend's venture to FiberPhiladelphia. Not quite. There are two last posts regarding A Sense of Place which was displayed at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Curated by Bruce Hoffman and including such artists as Marian Bijlenga, Marcia Docter, Pat Hickman, Ke-Sook Lee, Amy Orr, Barbara Lee Smith, Wendeanne Ke`aka Stitt and Bhakti Ziek, it seemed like the right exhibit to end my trip with. And it was.

Just take a look...

 Bhakti Ziek, Nomad, 2010
handwoven welf-backed jacquard


 Wendeanne Ke`aka Stitt, Niho Mano, 2009
Hawaiian kapa (bark cloth) dyed with California black walnut hulls.
Machine pieced. Hand quilted.


 Pat Hickman, Pulsed, 2012
fiber sculpture, gut shells molded over river teeth


 Marian Bijlenga, Palimpsest 4, 2007
horsehair, cotton, viscose, stitched

Some of the installations were difficult to photograph, like Ke-Soon Lee's and Marian Bijlenga's above. Marian's work is quite intriguing, however, in the full shot that I took, the shadows were more prominent than the various sections, hence the two detail shots.

I've been lucky enough to see Marian's work several times and always stand in amazed awe - slack jawed and hoping that I'm not drooling. Yes, just as I was when viewing Jason Pollen's 48 Prophets. There's a playfulness that is infectious. I always walk away from a Marian Bijlenga piece feeling light, happy and ready for anything.


  1. Thank you for sharing this fabulous show, with such great close-ups too!


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