Saturday, March 10, 2012

Philadelphia - Outside/Inside the Box

Outside/Inside the Box, curated by Bruce Hoffman, is one of the major exhibitions of FiberPhiladelphia. I ventured to the Crane Arts Building yesterday prepared to be awed and inspired...and I was.

If you click on Outside/Inside the Box above, it will take you to the web site where a slide show of all the pieces can be viewed. The photos below are mine and are of those works that spoke to me in some way - whether because of the artistry apparent in the piece, the materials used or...well...just because it spoke to me. Enjoy!

 Ann Wessmann, Words Unspoken Series: 37,499 Days - June 9, 1932 - December 31, 1941, 2009
text on vellum on foam board
96" x 96" x 4


 April Dauscha, Exposed: An Armory of Physical Longings, 2011
muslin, boning, grommets, ribbon, dress form
72" x 18" x 18"


 Atticus Adams, Orange Grove, 2011
aluminum mesh, grommets, wire, enamel
32" x 32" x 3.5"


 Brigette Armarger, Humanoids, 2008/2009
bones, organs, prostheses X rays, scanner and magnetic resonance imagery, 
transparent nylon, color cotton threads
84" x 25" x 0.039"


Linda Colsh, Defiant, 2011
cotton fabric, dyed, painted, inked and printed by the artist
70" x 72" x 0.25"


 Mary Ruth Smith, Face Off...Together, 2011
cotton embroidery floss, silk fabric, matte medium, newspaper images
24" x 36" x 1"


 Melinda Steffy, Aubade: Mnemosyne Sings, 2009
turmeric dyed canvas, 9 panels of 144 patches each
60" x 60" x 60"


 Naomi Kasumi, MEM: memory - memorial no. 7 scriptorium, 2008
used tea bags, Bee's wax, xerox images, Japanese calligraphy, cotton,
butterfly wing, plant material
84" x 240" x 300"


 Tamryn McDermott, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, 2010
silk organza, matte medium, fabric dye, aluminum rings
174" x 96" x 96"


  1. Oh Jennifer - I have been back and forth into your blog all day - I just keep coming back to gaze at these beauties. I love love love Ann Wessmann's piece. Linda Colsh's piece is perfection; and Naomi Kosumi's little squares. Oh. Thank you for sharing; and can I tag along to the next one?!?!?

    1. Can you tag along to the next one? Certainly! you mean via cyberspace or in person? Next FiberPhiladelphia will be in 2014. Now wouldn't that be fun - meet in Philly for a few days? Awesome!

  2. yikes!
    where to begin?
    while my family swirls around me
    the goose bones have cured
    the tumeric squares call my name
    as I ventured there a couple of years ago
    so much stitching splendor...

    love your takes
    thanks for sharing,

    I'll be back,

    xox - eb.

    1. My camera and I did not do the turmeric dyed fabric justice. They were exquisite!!! I stood gazing at them and drinking in their vitality and warmth for quite awhile. And wondered just how much turmeric was used in the process...and do I have enough at home? Come to think of it, cinnamin is relatively inexpensive. Wonder how it would dye? Gotta raid the kitchen.

    2. Thanks for the pics and the flattery! Next time you're in the neighborhood of an Indian market, you can pick up a 5-pound bag of turmeric for cheap -- doesn't take too much to get a good yellow. Cinnamon, unfortunately, gets weirdly clumpy and is hard to work with. Not that I've tried all the spices in my kitchen or anything...

    3. Thanks for the stopping by the blog! And for the tip about where to buy turmeric. So...just what other spices have you tried to dye with?

      In addition to being of awe of your piece, it was also a "duh!" kind of moment as we use turmeric frequently yet it had never occurred to me to dye fabric with it. Should have considering how it colors food.


  3. Hi Jennifer-
    Thanks for the virtual tour...wishing I had planned the trip up.

    I'm in awe of your photography skills...and surprised that you were allowed to photograph so much of it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I feel like I'm slugging along so it was great to have visual inspiration. The Guild had Saaraliisa give a lecture and it was also inspiring..I took lots of notes.


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