Sunday, March 11, 2012

Philadelphia - Jason Pollen

Also at the Crane Arts Building is the Distinguished Educators exhibit which includes Adela Akers, Pat Hickman, Lewis Knauss, Gerhardt Knodel, Gyongy Laky, Joan Livingstone, Rebecca Medel, Jason Pollen, Cynthia Schira, Warren Seelig, Deborah C. Warner, Carol Westfall and the late Lillian Elliot.*

Many of these names may be familiar to you. You see, wherever the official list of fiber art gods resides, it's a sure bet that all of these artists are listed on it. As I strolled the room and perused the works, one piece held me spellbound - 48 Prophets by Jason Pollen.

 Jason Pollen, 48 Prophets, 2011
canvas, silk, thread, dye, pigment, graphite,
10.5" x 10.5" each piece

With a simple, yet distinctive style, Jason', sorry...Mr Pollen's portraits are powerful, conveying emotion beautifully. If you go to his web site, click on Faces in the menu bar to be treated to a slideshow of portraits. 

The combination of materials/techniques captivated me as well - graphite sketching on canvas, stitching atop that, silk overlaid on the canvas, one or the other...or both dyed...ahhh.

Yes, I stood in front of 48 Prophets, totally awed by the work and the artist...and hoped that I wasn't actually drooling or muttering incoherently to myself. As no one was giving me odd looks or offered to escort me out, I think it's save to say I comported myself appropriately.

* as listed in the FiberPhiladelphia program.


  1. The images from this Fiber show have been amazing. I love how you said you hoped you weren't drooling or muttering to yourself -- isn't it fabulous to be so moved by art!
    Thank you for sharing this show with us.

    1. I'm happy for the company...albeit via cyber space...on my art outing this weekend. The exhibitions have contained amazing work. It all reminds me of Kansas City during a Surface Design Association conference...fiber art everywhere! Can't wait for the 2014 FiberPhiladelphia.

  2. I can't thank you enough for your coverage of FiberPhiladelphia. So many photos to study, thank you, thank you, thank you. Joanne in Canada.

    1. Joanne, it has been my absolute pleasure to share my photos of the fiber art exhibited in the many FiberPhiladelphia shows. The work is just too good not to be seen by as many as possible.

      Thanks as well for stopping my blog! Enjoy. Jennifer

  3. Jennifer - these pieces are full of longing and emotions that seem to sit deep down; an aching and a story to be told. People like Jason just take their work to another level entirely don' they? That we mere mortals can only gaze upon with awe and wonder (and the odd bit of drooling!) Thank you for sharing again. F

    1. Jason Pollen does indeed take his work, and fiber art as a whole, to another level. This is the first time I've seen his work in several years and it was such a surprise...a revelation of sorts. It set my mind to racing and I so badly wanted to be in the studio to just let the energy gained from 48 Prophets flow through me and onto my fibers.

      I'm still processing all that I saw...thinking about the pieces that held me spellbound...what it was about them...the materials...the techniques. I wrote pages of notes to insure I don't forget. Some of my photos will be printed and hung for inspiration - those that effected me most.

      I'm happy to have been able to go to Philly to view the wonderful works. And also happy to report that no puddles of drool were left behind - I made sure to dry them all up! Ha!


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