Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Philadelphia - Intimate Stitches

Still reeling a bit from soaking in all the wonderful work in the Mending = Art Saturday morning, it seemed that strolling the streets of Philly before heading over to Kellijane to see the Intimate Stitches exhibit was needed to clear my head. So I strolled, enjoying the warm temps, the sunshine, the architecture.

I even stopped to smell the flowers...and snap a shot. Soon enough, my feet had led me to Kellijane and Christine Mauersberger's work. I enjoy Christine's blog...especially when she shares her own work with us...so when she posted about participating in one of the FiberPhiladelphia exhibits, I knew it was a must see.

 Christine Mauersberger, Guide
21" x 20"

Guide detail

Christine Mauersberger, Remnant
12" x 18"

Remnant detail

Christine - I love your work and am sorry that I couldn't get better photos! With numerous customers in Kellijane, it was impossible to get many shots...especially at a distance. The store is very cool and your work looked great in it. 

The visit to Kellijane was the next to last exhibit for the weekend.  Up next, A Sense of Place.


  1. Christine's work here is almost the perfect expression of these forms...I love them.

  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you for taking the time to see Intimate Stitches, take pictures and post about some of my work. I am grateful and happy to hear that the venue is cool. Jennifer you are a gem.
    I do like the photos of the walk you took too!


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