Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sunday's post over at Paper Ponderings was titled Pebble happiness and for stoners like me or Habu junkies, again...like me, it was a feast for the eyes, senses and imagination.

You see, during her recent trip to New York Fiona visited Habu Textiles, which must have been heavenly. Actually, there's another phrase that comes to mind to describe what the experience must have been like that is definitely not suitable for my pg rated blog. But...oh! my!...that's exactly what it must have been like to stand midst Habu's exquisite textiles.

screen capture of  Habu's web site home page

And...well, textiles is a good word for Habu's products. Calling them yarns doesn't begin to do them justice, neither does threads. Ribbons are certainly not what they are, nor are they mere strings. They are textiles to be used however our creative mind sees fit.

Fiona used her Habu to wrap pebbles in the most simple, yet spiritual way. I sat in awed silence for quite a while Sunday morning, just gazing at her wrapped pebbles and thinking just how right it was. How Zen. 

In my comment regarding her post, I promised Fiona a shot of my Habu stash...which has been accumulating since my first Surface Design Conference back in 2005. 

Fiona, these are for you!


  1. Replies
    1. You have lots of company sharing that sentiment!

  2. I appear to be suffering from a well-known condition called Habu-envy! What a stunning stash! My first thought of course - I have to go back. Thanks for sharing - they are just so delicious.

    1. Habu-envy! Love it! Of course, it set my mind to playing...

      Do you Habu?
      Got Habu?
      To Habu or not to Habu, that is the question...

      Actually, I'm the envious one - you've been there. So far my stash has only been added to every two years when attending a Surface Design conference. Need to work on that. Come on over so we can go!

  3. Your blog may have been for Fiona, but having just received my first two skeins of Habu thread from Fiona, I now look at yours with a serious case of lust. Not rust love but habu heart throbs!

    1. Habu heart throbs. Oh, I love this! And I love your new blog.

      Did Fiona warn you that, as a Habu owner, you will likely suffer from one or all of the following:

      Habu envy

      Habu love - which you already have

      Habu addiction - a serious affliction for which there is no known cure. Suffers buy Habu whenever the opportunity presents itself.

      Habu hoarding - equally serious with no know cure. Primarily strikes those suffering from Habu addiction. An additional symptom is that of acquiring Habu and keeping it...sometimes hidden, sometimes out in the open, but never quite knowing just what to do with it.

      Habu-itis which is the worst of the bunch as it emcompasses all of the above.

      So be very careful. Habu-itis is contagious...and oh! so much fun. Enjoy!

  4. I've only recently heard of habu - and now despite your warnings I can feel the H-envy, H-love, H- addiction starting..... oh no!

    1. Quick! We've got to get you some Habu! That's the only thing that will lessen the symptoms. Of course, the side effect of Habu gratification is Habu happiness. Think you can handle it?


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