Monday, February 20, 2012

Dinosaur brainitis

It's amazing what a difference a good night's sleep can make in one's views on things...such as copyright in this internet age. 

It also helps to have a husband who is far more internet savvy and can explain the internet culture in a way that even my dinosaur of a brain can understand and get around.

What helps even more is to have fellow artists share their view on the subject.

Thank You!

Last night's...hmmm...temper tantrum, rant, explosion of words, insanity, naivety...pick your favorite for they all apply - was an eye opener for me. Well, not the rant, but the discussions that have followed.

While I still don't want anyone taking my photo and claiming it or the subject matter as their own and certainly do not want anyone to profit from it, I have come to the realization that my view of copyright as it applies to the internet was very outdated and unrealistic on so many levels. 

As a result, I changed my copyright to one of creative commons this morning. It gives permission to copy and share my photos as long as attribution is given...which is exactly what was done with Pinterest anyway. 

My most sincere apologies to everyone for my outburst last night. I really should have refrained from hitting the publish button. Then again, it is great hear how others feel on the subject.


  1. I'm so glad you rethought last nites rant! today miracles dont happer! and you were definitely expecting too much. certainly we dont want others stealing our work but when you put it out there strange things will happen no matter how hard you try. be glad that credit was given! and know that we all are given to moments of density! I love your work. just recently found you (yesterday in fact) then this am saw your outburst almost went in the other direction!I'm glad I didnt.

    1. Lyle,

      Sunday night's rant was very unusual for me. In fact, it was a first on this blog. Even as I wrote the post and hit publish, a part of my brain was yelling NO!, but the angry part of my brain decided not to listen. Hopefully my rant didn't scare anyone else away as it nearly did you.

      Normally, I'm a pretty even keeled person and very aware of what I write on the blog, how it may sound, etc. I owe everyone a huge apology.

      Thank you for deciding to stick around and for leaving your comment as well. By the way, I checked out your blog too. Awesome work!

      Enjoy, Jennifer

    2. thanks for the reply! I truly am delighted you had second and third thoughts. and I thank you for looking at my blog! your's is the work that is awesome not mine! altho sometimes I surprise myself!

  2. I thought your rant was interesting. :-) I'm glad you've shifted your perspective. As your stats were telling you, this is how people find out about your work and visit your site. As long as people are clearly marking the work as yours, and linking back to your site, I think it's great. Apparently, now you do too! Yay!

    1. Glad you found my rant interesting. I did consider deleting the post after the discussion with my husband. He suggested leaving it to see what responses it drew and I'm okay with that decision for the responses that were left. Still more than a bit embarrassed by my rant, but...

      Think we should actually meet one of these days considering we're in the same town?

    2. Come to think of it -- the ones who are stealing and/or copying -- they are NOT marking it as yours and they are NOT linking back to you -- so how do you ever find out about those??????

    3. Well...I haven't found out about those. What I did discover were the ones that had been pinned to Pinterest straight from the blog.


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