Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just maybe...

...I found the solution to yesterday's question. Maybe. Then again, it could be a fluke.

 circles #9 wet, just unwrapped

drying board yesterday


Yesterday's quandary was how to keep the saturation of color and hard (-ish) lines that a newly unbundled and still wet piece has once dry. 

Given that winter has set in with morning temps in the 20's - and not wanting to freeze another length of rusted fabric - I've been hanging everything in the studio to fan dry. I'd also been rusting very wet fabric until recently so the fan was necessary to keep from making a mess. 

It was almost as if with the forced drying, the "wind" forced the colors to bleed. Once sharpish lines when wet became...well...no where near sharp when dry. Saturated colors lightened tremendously when dry also...possibly from the amount of bleeding?

Yesterday's piece was pleasantly damp rather than dripping wet so I decided to let it air dry. No fan. The black still dried to gray, but a more defined gray. The edges stayed instead bleeding into unidentifiable blobs. Hmmm...lesson learned or just a fluke? I'll find out in a bit when circles #10 is unbundled and left to air dry.


  1. this one
    is especially beautiful
    and I love your line of questioning
    I'm over here chatting up the blood oranges
    and smiling...

    xox - eb.

    1. Blood oranges? Yum!
      May I ask...
      just what did they have say?

      As for my rusty cotton, this is favorite so far.
      Aiming for a series. Have 4 so far that measure 72" long x 30" wide.
      Am also itching to rust a piece double that in width.
      Or maybe rust circles in a square measuring 60" x 60".
      What do you think?

  2. the blood oranges
    speak of quiet aromatic blooming
    on tiny pages
    I guess I am craving rosy blush tones
    along with the orange
    little books in the making
    tea and oranges...

    as for your rusty cotton
    just do it Jennifer
    the size, scope and ambition
    is so admirable
    I am over here cheering you on

    whatever you do
    it will be wonderful
    what if?
    they filled a large gallery space
    us - circling your magnificent circle series

    I am in your circle,

    xox - eb.

    1. Your eloquent words have yet again rendered me silent.

      Thank you seems inadequate, but...Thank You.

  3. How's the testing going? It would be cool if you have worked it out. Have you ever visited l'Orangerie in Paris where Monet's waterlily panels surround you in a circle? - the most amazing effect. Your circle panels could do just that as eb says!

    1. Air drying seems to be the answer to my quandary. The colors still lighten, but the edges stay sharper. Overall, I'm happier with the results.

      As for Monet's waterlilies...Paris is on my list of places to visit one of these days. I'll be sure to take in the waterlily panels when that time comes.

      As for my rusty circles...well...there's a germ of an idea floating around in my mind that needs nourishing and playing with. That said, I really like eb's idea too. Glad you agree.


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