Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is it possible?

 Today's question of the day is

is it possible to keep the saturation of color the fabric has when wet

once it has dried?

Of course, this is the question that I ask pretty much every time a piece of rusted fabric is drying. Most of the photos on this blog are taken while the fabric is still wet, having just been unwrapped, unfolded and spread on my work table. I do edit the photos in Photoshop so that they look nice via cyberspace, but still... 

How to keep the lovely strength of the colors once dry? Not that the dried version of circles #8 is horrible, but the wet version was scrumptious. Such is my dilemma.

If you'd care to a few more artsy type shots of circles #8, come tumble with me.


  1. I'm drawn to the repeated pattern in this fabric. Yes, I did like the intensity of colour when it was wet...but I like it like this too.
    A subtle beauty.
    Do you plan to stitch it? That would enhance the contrast perhaps.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Like you, I'm drawn to repeat patterns...especially circles. Always have been so it helps that the rusty gears are all circular.

      I've been drying the pieces in the studio with a fan on them. This morning's piece to dry was left to simply air dry and it seems to have retained more color and more of the hard edges. Seems fan drying encourages bleeding of color in the fabric. I'll give it another try tomorrow and see what happens.

      As for stitching...yes. There will be hand stitching...maybe just around portions of circles. Haven't given it a lot of thought yet. Too much else to do right now. Enjoy!

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  3. Like you I like the clarity of the wet image; but in the end I think the dry pieces have a sense of wear and age that is quite beautiful. I really like the soft greys that appear.

    1. I agree about the sense of wear and age. Playing off of that feeling offers lots of possibilities for how to continue with the pieces. And the soft gray really is quite nice. It's just that I fall in love with them when they're still wet and vibrant. Need to fall in love with them all over again once dried.


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