Sunday, December 4, 2011

That kind of day

Yesterday was a rare day. It was a day in the studio...Pam's studio. 

A just do it  kind of day.

A day for stitching.

A day for admiring work. 

A day for what ifs

What if  I paint on the back?
 What if  I dip it?

What if  I let it soak?

Will it run? 

It was that kind of day.

A day for taking photos of friends.


  1. Wow! What a fantastic day and your work is so inspiring. I'm so appreciative of your sharing. The 'what if' theory is of particular significance to me as that's how I approach much of my art. I learn so much that way. Thanks for showing us your world. Great stuff!!

  2. Hollis - Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely compliments. The top two photos are of my rusted boro piece that I finally was brave enough to begin. The rest of the photos are of Pam's captivating hand stitched/mono printed piece which was a delight to photograph.

  3. following
    those gorgeous stitches
    rain in Kansas
    can bring out
    sunny discoveries
    brand new batches
    of "what ifs?"
    looks as if you both
    had a very good time...

    "what if?"
    is my mantra...

    xox - eb.

  4. eb - It was indeed a wonderful time that produced a long list of "what ifs" to try as well as a theme for next year's artist retreat. What are your "what ifs"?

  5. You describe the gentle rhythm of it so well Jennifer - day of doing and trying gently...I love those two images of the rusted boro work, such elegant simplicity.

  6. Fiona - "Elegant simplicity". Such lovely words. Thank you. That's what I want for the piece. Just like you did with your 5 gold rings. Not that's elegant simplicity at its best!


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