Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tea time

In May of last year, a mysterious box arrived from Deb, a friend and fellow fiber artist.
 Opening the box was like finding an unexpected treasure
for inside was lengths of cotton that Deb had used 
in making her shibori scarves.

 The steam set folds and pleats were sensual.

Not daring to risk destroying the beauty of the gift, 
I put the cotton away and waited for the muse to whisper.

And whisper she did, just before I left for Pam's.

Remember this?

After soaking in a tea and vinegar mixture for a week, 
I wrapped the rusted ring with Deb's cotton
and left it to transform while I was gone.

And transform it did. Seems tannins + rust = gray. 
And if left long enough, the rust becomes...well...rust.


  1. What an exquisite gift to receive and what a delightful outcome of your musings...

  2. Fiona - It was an exquisite gift. Deb had let me know to expect a box of fabric, but I'd pictured remnants...and certainly not the type that the box contained. She had imagined them becoming cairns, wrapped around rusted elements. Hope she likes how I finally used them.

  3. you are my rust Muse
    fresh snow today
    cleaning up
    all the "in process" elements
    now jumping back into it
    this length of cotton is fabulous
    before and after

    I need to go to Kansas
    so I can let rest and rust...

    xox - eb.

  4. Elizabeth - Fresh snow? Good for rusting outdoors if you don't mind waiting for a thaw.

    As for Kansas, it was very relaxing, yet too short a visit. Still, it was just right for rusting.


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