Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Back in September, Seth Apter over at The Altered Page decided to embrace his fondness for stacks in the studio and asked others not only to do so, but to share them in a post entitled...what else?...Stackoholics Anonymous. I considered participating, but just never quite seemed to get around to photographing mine.

This morning, midst needing to make room on my work table to open bundles, it occurred to me that there's a nice little stack of fabrics that have been accumulating since Thanksgiving and the adage of better late than never came to mind. So, without further adieu, here's my guilty pleasure stack.

This is actually a good record of what has transpired in the studio since the semi-disastrous experiment with the cranberries. As I seem to be on a roll rusting right now, it's tempting to just keep adding to the stack and see how high and varied it gets before the 2012 artist retreat.


  1. Hello Jennifer, I am a printmaker but admire fabric and the colours you have in these makes me want to touch them!Now I 'm goint to browse through your photos.

  2. They look perfect just as they are! Isn't that funny? Whata lovely lovely stash (stack) to see you thru winter...

  3. Allison - Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed browsing through the posts. Since you're a printmaker, check out


    It's a post from this summer that shows various fabrics that I printed. Be interested to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!

  4. Fiona - Funny! I thought the same thing this morning. Maybe they could be sold "as is"?

  5. What a delicious stack of fabrics! I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your rust making posts.

  6. ArtPropelled - Glad you enjoyed browsing! My rusty stack is growing almost daily as I seem to be spending more time rusting the fabric than creating pieces from it right now. That's fine...the art will come in it's own time. Have a wonderful New Year!


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