Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Screen printing

 Been doing a bit of screen printing this week...

of the rusty variety, of course.

Monday through Friday - printing screens, building layers and color.

In case you want a better look at the fabric along the way, the full shots from the mosaic are below.


  1. This seems to be the Rust-equivalent of Tulip Fever! You are sooo going for it! Wow - I am amazed at your volume of output a this time of the year; I have trouble remembering what day it is let alone getting down and doing something fabulous. it looks amazing...

  2. Fiona - Rust fever! Yes. I probably do have it. So funny. As for volume of output...well, there has been a lot lately. I'm experimenting with the rusting process, what ifs and just going for art cloth at the moment. The photos in this post are all of one piece of cotton, rusting over the course of a week, building layers. Glad you like it!


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