Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bleach vs black

Why is it that whenever you accidentally get even the tiniest little splash of bleach on what you're wearing, that spot immediately turns the brightest, purest white? The kind of white that can be spotted from miles away? You know what I mean. There's bound to be a law of nature that governs the whole thing and I would have liked that law of nature to have been on my side this morning. that I think about it, maybe the problem this morning is that I wasn't wearing either of the black t-shirts that were being discharged...on purpose actually, not accidentally.

You see, I'd have loved for either of these shirts to have discharged to white so that my closet would have a bit more variation than rust/orange artsy shirts. They're currently in the washing machine having a good soak...along with a brown t-shirt that made my morning. Photos of that soon!


  1. I agree wholeheartedly - things always get bleached back to bright white! What a funny thing. They still look good; but white would have been a nice change right?

  2. Fiona - A bit of color variation would be welcome, although my t-shirt collection is transitioning from solids to patterns. Then again, maybe all that was needed was to let the bleach do its bit a little longer. Might even have had a few negative spaces in the shirts to patch then. time.


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