Sunday, October 9, 2011

#2 Experiment with rust - round 2

Thursday afternoon I re-opened the t-shirt bundle and hung it outside to dry. The combination of vinegar and sun turned the rusted areas more brownish than orange which I found very appealing.

Kinda wish I could have stopped there and worn the shirt, but the heavier rusted areas were a bit stiff and there was a slight aroma of vinegar still wafting from it. So into the washer it went. I wore it today when we ventured into New York city to take the girls to see dinosaur bones at the American Museum of Natural History.

Even tried to get a good shot of it tonight after the girls were in bed. This accidental photo was the best and shows just how much rusting was washed out. More orange-y rust than brown now. Not as much coverage. It's still cool, but I need to figure out how to keep more of the color in. If you have any thoughts, please pass them along.


  1. I'm sure the shirt had a very NY feel to it! I enjoyed the wander I took over at the girls' blog - looks like a great fun trip!

  2. Fiona - Ha! As unique as my shirt may have been, it was nothing compared to some of the...uh...ensembles I spied in NYC. The girls had a blast - dinosaurs, playground in Central Park, blowing the horn on the train. It was a very good day.

  3. this shirt is so nifty--beautifully done.

  4. Velma - Thank you! It was such fun to rust the shirt and tunic. Not sure how many rusted shirts one person should have it her closet, but I'm itching to do a few more.

  5. Many days late and dollars short. Love the shirt, but also liked it better before washing. I suggest fabric medium diluted with water, either sprayed on or dip the fabric in, then squeeze out water and hang to dry in the sun. Now, where is that white shirt of mine . . .


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