Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spring cleaning

Spring has settled in...finally...well, I think so. And about time. It's the middle of June after all. Spring's arrival has brought with it that age old urge to clean, to declutter, to rearrange, to simplify, etc.

On Tuesday, I carried two 18" wide hollow doors, freshly painted with blackboard paint, up to the studio. The dilemma was where the doors should be placed. In all honesty, it must be admitted that I left the studio a mess, disaster zone really, when I flew to Pam's for our art retreat. It was, and still is, in dire need of cleaning and organizing before any kind of serious art-type work could even be contemplated in there.

As I stood inside the doorway, holding the blackboards and perusing the studio, that fabled spring bug bit and bit hard. A drafting table that once was my work table in studio 344 at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, but these days was just one more surface to collect a pile of stuff on, was removed to make room for the blackboards. You see, they carry two important they need to be seen from any angle.

The plan is that the blackboards will hold more than my mantras. There's an art to do list, calls for entry due dates, ideas that need to be remembered, etc. But first, the rest of the studio needs to organized, decluttered and cleaned.

By the way, would anyone like copies of Cloth, Paper, Scissors? Or American Style? Be happy to pass them along.

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