Sunday, June 19, 2011

To do list

On the last day of our artist retreat, Pam and I took time to reflect upon what had been accomplished during the week and ponder just what came next. We each came away with an art to do list.

Actually, "sand and repaint doors" should be added to the list. These doors were once the walls for my display booth. For some reason that now eludes me, I used a textured roller at some point when repainting them. While it was okay for displaying my weavings, it isn't the greatest for writing on with chalk. Still, it works for now.


  1. Lovely idea - I am a fan of visual reminders (perhaps that's just an excuse for the piles on my desk!). Happy to send you thru the article - just need an email address (mine can be found on my blog). F

  2. Fiona - I always carry a notebook and have several devoted to art. Rarely though are the notebooks opened and reviewed. I've wanted a blackboard wall for ages to keep ideas, importants dates, etc. on. These doors really do need to be sanded and repainted. They're so lumpy that it's impossible to write smaller and have it be legible. Maybe tomorrow while the girls are at preschool...


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