Friday, June 3, 2011

2nd Annual Artist Retreat Update

Today is Friday which means that today is the last day of the retreat. Seems like I just arrived so it really can't be Friday already. Can it?

After a trying Monday, we each figured out what it was that we wanted to accomplish this time. For Pam, it was to finish some pieces, find display/hanging solutions and to play a bit with various printing techniques. Unfortunately, she didn't get to print much because I took over the printing area...with her permission, of course.

While it still is not possible to share photos yet due to the iPad snafu, I can tell you that so far I've printed

On cotton:
6 pieces measuring approx. 4.5 ft x 12 ft
8 pieces measuring approx. 2 ft x 12 ft
4 pieces measuring approx. 2 ft x 6 ft

On organza:
4 pieces measuring approx. 2 ft x 12 ft

Not too bad, huh? I purposely used a limited palette of black, gray and red against white fabric. Being that I'm not really a printmaker there are bound to loads of mistakes in what I did, but it's the mistakes that are the most fun.

Hmmm...wonder what to do today...

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  1. Jennifer I hope you had a fab time (sure you did, the time flew!) and that the pieces you come home with are inspirational. PS you need to check out Barry's blog Friday 3 June!


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