Thursday, May 19, 2011


We're in Virginia for a few days, visiting my brother and his family. It's always a fun time when we get together...especially with not 2, but 3 little girls aged 4 years old running around and chasing after my 8 year old nephew.

In a quiet moment this morning, I stood in the dining room looking at 3 of my weavings.

It was a bit surreal feeling. I remember weaving these pieces and loving them. I still love them, but am removed from them, if that makes any sense.

I can admire the creativity and artistry that went into weaving them...and remember quite vividly the time spent constructing the frames/looms as well as the time spent dyeing reeds. Still, they were woven by another Jennifer in a land far, far away. Well, not really. We used to live a mere 8 miles from my brother rather than several states.

These pieces were far more playful yet not quite as personal as my work now. Of course, now is filled with lots of experimentation and exploration to find my creative voice again after a 2 year hiatus from adopting our daughters.

By the way, the is the first attempted post from my iPad so I hope it posts and looks okay.


  1. The iPad post looked fine. The weavings are very good as well - but isn't it a strange feeling to look at your earlier work and think that's not me anymore? I love the description of "another Jennifer in a land far, far away" perfect!

  2. Fiona - It is a rather odd feeling to realize just how far removed one has become from the art that so much of one's self went into. Kinda feel like I grew up or something. Guess that's what happens when you leave the area you consider home...and adopting twins helps too. Ha!


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