Monday, May 23, 2011

Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival

I was pleased to realize that the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, aka The Reston Show, was to take place this past weekend while we were visiting my brother. Set in Reston Town Center, this is a jewel of an art show which draws artists from across the US. The public is very art savvy which adds to the show's appeal.

Having participated in art shows as well as going to them to keep abreast of the happenings in that segment of the art/craft world means that I've seen a lot of what is shown. So, when I go to a show I search for art that is new to me. And Saturday's jaunt provided a very unexpected find.

When I turned a corner and saw the work in this booth, I had to get a photo and had to get a closer look.

Standing amid John Petrey's mixed media sculptures, I could practically feel myself vibrating with joy at being in the midst of such playful, yet intelligent, creativity and artistry. Here were dresses made of painted bottle caps, colorful plastic utensils, black and white shingles, signs, etc. 

Can you imagine having one of these in your home? I can. What a pleasure it would be to pass by one several times a imagine the stories that dress could create stories around it. Oh! What pure fun. 

Sadly, the sculptures were outside my price range so none came home with me. But I can look and dream.

Last 3 photos are from John Petrey's web site.


  1. What can I say except these are the most amazing and beautiful pieces - absolutely stunning, elegant and desirable! What a fabulous serendipitous find! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fiona - The dresses truly were a fabulous serendipitous find. My sole regret is that the ones that whispered to me were out of my price range. However, something else did come home with me...something metal from another artist.


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