Sunday, May 8, 2011


After soaking in vinegar for 24 hours, I finally decided to hang the discharged fabrics outside to let Mother Nature have a go at them.

Yesterday was the first time I'd seen all the fabrics hung together - those that had been discharged in 2006 with the more controlled discharges done with a bleach pen. Actually, I'm quite excited to work with them now. Need to write down all the ideas.

Since our weather this week calls for lots of sun with slight breezes, I think a kinetic art installation of sorts in the back yard is the perfect way to celebrate Spring's arrival, don't you?


  1. Jennifer these are beautiful! I hope the day in the breeze removed some of the unpleasantness of aroma. I also hope you got to write down all the ideas that must have flowed - they are full of opportunities aren't they?

  2. Fiona - A week outside worked wonders on chemical smell. Stay tuned for photos of the fabric playing in the breeze. Couldn't resist.

    The foremost idea is to make a book ala a rusted silk, I think, book that was on the Wabisabiart blog. I'm also taking some of the discharged fabrics to Kansas later this month for the second annual art retreat at my friend Pam's house so we can print on them.

    As always, thank you for your comments!

  3. These are very compelling. A book would be fabulous made from these rich fabrics.

  4. Leslie - Thank you! A book is exactly what Inhad in mind. Something simple with just a bit of hand stitching. Haven't had time yet, but soon.


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