Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cairn #1 Unwrapped - Wrap Up

Now that cairn 1 has been unwrapped and revealed, I'm eager to start cairn 2. My own little treasure trove of rusted elements has been patiently sitting in a bin on our front porch just waiting for the lid to be removed and for me to reach in, take them out and wrap them too. I'm thinking that it could be interesting to have several cairns in the yard this year. Hmmm...wonder if the neighbors will notice?

Still not sure what the future holds for the fabric of cairn 1. Ideas are floating around in my mind. The vision of our mailbox wrapped in rusted cotton is enticing so that may happen soon. Until then, here's a shot of all 7 pieces hung together immediately after being unwrapped.


  1. These are wonderful Jennifer! I do this myself but have never had the patience to leave anything wrapped for a year or more. Most of my rust work incorporates submersion in a eucalypt dye bath, and the use of vinegar or soy milk as a premordant, but it seeems you "set" mainly with vinegar and leave the rest to the elements. Is that right?

  2. Pam - While I have wet the cotton with vinegar before to speed the rusting process, the pieces in cairn 1 were wrapped and stacked dry so Mother Nature could do her best, or worst. A few times last summer when it was very dry, I did spray the cairn with the garden hose. As for having the patience to leave it all outside for a year...well...those who know me well are as shocked as I. Patience is definitely not one of my virtues!


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