Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2nd Annual Artist Retreat

Whew! I just finished packing my supplies for the 2nd Annual Artist Retreat. To see photos from the 1st Annual Artist Retreat click here, here and here. Or just access the blog archive for the 3 posts from June 2010.

The retreat took place at the home of my dear friend and fellow fiber artist, Pam Sullivan.  Once again, she has kindly agreed to play hostess. Pam doesn't have two little darlings/urchins/mini-she-monsters/4 year-olds at her house to contend with as I do. Somehow, if I hosted the retreat, it just wouldn't be the same.

While the supplies begin their journey to Pam's tomorrow, my flight doesn't leave until the 28th. There's lots to do until then...especially with my daughters. Still...my mind is racing, wondering what will come out of this year's retreat. Stay tuned.

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