Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Saturday

Last Saturday was a rare treat of a day for me...a weekend day to spend entirely as I wanted while my husband watched our girls. After rising early, I went to Starbucks to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, but mostly to sit quietly, gather my thoughts and decide what I wanted to accomplish in the studio.

As noted in my last post regarding the indigo prints on cotton, indigo has been on my mind. The picture above is of the pieces printed a couple weeks ago while having a Skype studio session with my friend Pam. There are more pieces from that day, but they wouldn't all fit on the board. They are a combination of original screen printing and monoprinting off the excess paint.

I've been seeing these pieces...or pages, for to me they are pages from a book...with bits of red. After returning home, more indigo pages were printed.

And then it was time for red. This is Jacquard's True Red and it is red...more like fire engine red to me. Seemed a bit too bright for the indigo and a comment that Pam had made kept knocking at my brain. 

So the paints came back out and I mixed up a green that matched the studio wall. It's a tad more subdued than the red and will look great against the indigo. Of course, I'm still envisioning touches of red on the pages or maybe even a red book instead.

At the end of the day, the walls were covered in cotton hung to dry. The paints were put away for. The tools all cleaned. I showered and got all the paint off me too. The babysitter arrived on time so my husband and I could go out to enjoy a grown up dinner. All in all, a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. 

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