Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thanks Deb!

Don't you love receiving unexpected gifts? I do...especially when it's something as wonderful as what my friend and fellow fiber artist, Deb Jansen, sent.

Actually, Deb's gift wasn't totally unexpected. She'd let me know that she'd sent a gift for my daughters and that there was a little something for me in the box as well. Her only clue as to what it was was a comment about preferring it wrinkled.

Wrinkled, huh? Hmmm... I admit to being stumped. Considering that Deb works with silk and sometimes creates scarves after dyeing, painting and embellishing can see which direction my thoughts took. When the box arrived Monday, I couldn't wait to open it and see what wrinkly gift it held.

Wondering why there's photo of fabric spewing out of a box? That's my wrinkly gift and I love it! As Deb explained, this is the remnant of the fabric her silk is wrapped in, or around?, when she steams it. The cotton is luscious...a very pale cream and so soft it's sinful. 

Can you believe Deb sent this expecting it to be wrapped around rusted elements and left outside for nature to play with?

She did and I'm going to, but first I just had to share its wrinkly lusciousness with you.

If you're ever in Alexandria, VA and love art, stop by the Torpedo Factory Art Center. For a real treat, venture upstairs to studio 344 and say hi to Deb. Ask her about paint markers while you're there. And Catharsis & Karma and Windows and....

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