Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is it art?

This morning I decided to go back to Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church to take more photos of the incredible stonework. My intention was to walk up Charles Street and down Light Street. On the return trip, I didn’t pay close attention to the street signs and ended up on St Paul Street.

Seems the art gods were guiding my feet because while standing at an intersection waiting for the walk light, I happened to glance to my right and spied a huge mass of color parked halfway up the block where a vehicle should have been. Oddly, it appeared to be dimensional. 

When the light turned, I decided to investigate and was greeted by the Art Car. 

I’ve seen similarly decorated vehicles in magazines and on tv, but seeing it at such a removed distance in no way properly prepares one for experiencing the spectacle live and close enough to touch.

Truthfully, not even a visit to the American Visionary Art Museum yesterday properly prepared me. As I walked around the car several things came to mind:

1.    1. Why? Why would anyone do this to their vehicle? Really, why?
       2. Just how many discarded Barbi dolls are on this truck?
       3. Is the artist trying to recreate the scary/mutilated doll scene from Toy Story?
       4. How does Woodie feel about being up there?

       5. Do I really want to read the artist’s words?

       6. Play the truck? Honestly?

       7. Is it art?
8.     8. Is this the artist’s chosen medium? 3-D collage?

       9. Do neighborhood kids donate their broken or unwanted toys in hopes seeing them on the Art Car?
10    10. Do the neighborhood parents prefer their kids avoid the artist?
11    11. Just what do the neighbors think of the Art Car?

I’m sure there were more thoughts, but with so many thoughts running through my mind instantaneously and simultaneously a few were forgotten. The nagging question is “Is this art?”

The creativity and dedication required to produce the Art Car is admirable. The artist certainly has/had a vision/message to share with passersby. Still, art?

I’m torn. My initial response was not nice…monstrosity & macabre are two adjectives that flitted through my mind.  And I can freely admit that I would not want it sitting in front of my house. Still, is it art?

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