Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project Experiment

Project Experiment is my title for a collaboration between my dear friend and fellow fiber artist Pam Sullivan and myself. I've been in a quandry for how to start working in the studio again and during a recent conversation we arrived at the idea of exchanging samples of fabrics that we'd worked on and letting the other have a go at them.

The past two Saturday nights have found me in the studio doing obscene things to the fabric samples that Pam sent in Round 1. I say obscene because to me Pam's "samples" were perfect as is and the thought of doing anything to them was just...well, obscene.

However, last Saturday night found me in the studio working on Piece 1 and enjoying it. Last night found me working on Piece 2 with equal zeal. Hopefully, this exercise will be repeated this coming Saturday on Piece 3 which to date has me drawing a total blank as to what to do to.

I have a confession to make though. As enjoyable as it was to work on Pam's samples, what really enthralled me was the by-product of working on her pieces. Last week's exercise included white organza and acrylic inks...and a bit of storytelling. After finishing working on Piece 2 last night, I just had to work out an idea from last week.

Confusing to read? A bit. You see, I know Pam will be reading the blog and don't want to be too explicit with what was done to her samples. That would spoil all the fun when she gets the pieces back.

Here's a few looks at last night's "by-products" though.

White organza painted with acrylic ink 

and a bit of storytelling.


  1. Yes. Of course I believe...I have a mermaid spinning in my studio!!!

  2. Good question. Can't wait to be introduced to him and his story.


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