Friday, October 2, 2015

Santa Fe - Thursday

Thursday in Santa Fe began with chilled temperatures

and another gorgeous sunrise.


I stood gazing in awe at the sky when movement along the ground to my left registered.

 A rabbit had hopped across the drive into the brush, looking for something tasty.

Back inside, as Pam and I chatted over breakfast, I viewed my long line of stitched together circles strewn across

the studio floor and began to see them differently.

Rather than turning them into a book, how would they look cropped to small squares...

reminiscent of the plowed and cultivated fields that had inspired it all? I came to Santa Fe wishing to play and experiment with paper and am leaving with a new body of work in progress. 

And a plethora of sunrise and sunset photos to last me through the Connecticut winter.

Santa Fe - Wednesday

The studio that Pam and I are staying in this week is aptly named, Radiant Light Art Studio, because with the vast expanse of sky overhead, the light here is just that - radiant, magical, warming, soulful...especially at the days' beginning and end.

Vibrant sunrises are always breathtaking and fill one with the promise of possibilities for the day ahead. 

After spending the better part of Monday and Tuesday printing a multitude of circles across 10 feet of Rives BFK (11" x 120" total length, made from four 11" x 30" pieces stitched end to end to create a roll), it was time to crop whole thing into pieces measuring 5.5" high by varying widths.

 Canal Paper pads by La Papeterie St-Armand
At some point in early morning, we decided to venture into Santa Fe proper, not for the galleries or museums, but for the best art supply store ever, Artisan Art Supplies. It's an artist's dream playground and we could have spent all day there, happily browsing and strolling the isles...and adding to our growing stack of goods to purchase.

Our tummies were beginning to rumble though so we ventured over to Revolution Bakery for lunch. Revulution is a 100% gluten free bakery. The mullet bread and brioche are delicious.

Back at the studio, I began stitching the cropped circles together

 with the intention of making them into a book.

On the other side of the studio, Pam was ready for a bit of mark making 

on her new roll of printmaking paper.

I've seen the whole piece and it is exquisite - big, bold, exuding energy with a Zen sensibility. 

As has become our ritual, 

Pam and I took time to sit and breathe in the glory of the sunset.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Santa Fe - Tuesday

Days here in Santa Fe begin slowly. As at home, I'm usually the first to wake and venture into the studio/living room/kitchen space to brew a cup of tea, edit photos, blog surf, mull over the previous day's work and wonder what the new day will bring. Pam comes in and we continue our morning routines in the comfortable silence (or not) that old friends share.

As the time nears 7 o'clock, we being stealing glances out the studio door to see what sort of light display Mother Nature is going to grace us with as the sun begins its ascent into the sky. 

Tuesday morning's sunrise was breathtaking and seemed to stretch for miles. Even the soft pastels of the fading colors were spectacular as were the misty grays of the mountains.

Strolling back into the studio,

details caught my eye.

 acrylic on Rives BFK 

Stepping inside, the circles I'd begun stamping on Monday were on the table waiting to be finished. Inspired by the irrigation circles viewed on the flight from Dallas to Albuquerque, I couldn't think of doing anything else. 

Pam's painted and stitched spiral

Pam stitched on her spiral

Pam's work in progress

and pondered the future of these pieces. 

At some point, the outside world beckoned.

All finished...sort of.

Pam's drawing

While I pondered the next step for my stamped circles, Pam drew a few of her own. 

Pam's drawing

 I love the freedom and joy, the energy of Pam's marks.

Soon enough, it was time for our nightly ritual so we went out back to claim prime seats

to watch the sunset.

The sky is vast here. The silence is as well, broken only by the chirps of night birds, buzzing or clicking of bugs and the howl of coyotes when the sun reaches a certain level.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sante Fe - Sunday

Sunday was a slow, unwinding, reviving kind of day. A day for Pam and I to enjoy being together again here, to breathe and notice little things -

like morning shadows

 and those created by the wind playing with Pam's work.

We stepped outside to watch the progress of the eclipse of the moon and light patterns caught my eye

right before the blood moon did.

Santa Fe - Saturday

On Saturday, Pam and I wended our ways to Albuquerque, New Mexico for our second annual Santa Fe retreat.

Window seats always afford the best view for those who love clouds

and circles

resulting from the use of

center pivot irrigation.  

The drive from Albuquerque was beautiful, but the best part was arriving at the studio in time to enjoy the sunset.
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