Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cleveland - Arrival Day

Greetings from Cleveland! Lotta and I arrived safely yesterday afternoon and after unwinding a bit from our long drives, got together with Christine for a delightful evening. While we were at dinner, Christine mentioned an exhibition of Ann Hamiliton's newest work at Transformer Station so off we went.

Acclaimed conceptual artist Ann Hamilton presents a new installation of work from an ongoing project titled O N E E V E R Y O N E. Separating her subjects from the camera with a specialized thermoplastic film, she creates anonymous portraits that are in focus only  where a hand or arm of cheek  actually touches the membrane's surface, while the rest of the figure falls into an atmospheric shallow focus. Printed on oversized Gampi tissue, these figures while presenting themselves to be photographed  seem to occupy a more private and interior space.  A free publication produced by the artist accompanies the installation.*


Ethereal, mysterious, other worldy, exquisite...the adjectives that apply are endless. All the while I viewed O N E E V E R Y O N E, visions of Hamilton's An Errant Line exhibition last year at the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, KS kept running through my mind. I loved seeing the progression of process used - from scanning figures to photographing people. Imagine it...

Time to get ready for the day. I get to meet Velma in a few hours!

*from Transformer Station's web site

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In the studio

The past week has found me in the studio

ironing, collaging and stitching

my tea bags while dreaming of

red boats and what a grand experience  
India's being (t)here class must have been.

Days are being counted until time to gather supplies and drive to Cleveland for 

Yes. The excitement is building. 

Hey Christine and Lotta - Are you ready?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Searching for Roy G Biv 3 - Violet, update 2

July's installment in the search for Roy G Biv snuck up on me. So much so that no reminder was ever posted. My apologies to all!

The oversight is fault of the cold that had me in bed or on the couch snuggling under a blanket for the past week+. The insult-to-injury of it is that I'd managed to escape getting the numerous colds or bouts of strep that either of my little urchins brought home during the past school year. Summer comes, we go to Washington, DC for July 4th and my souvenir was a cold that knocked me out. That's why things have been so quiet here lately.

Now! On to Roy G Biv and violet. It came as a shock yesterday when I opened my violet folder and found it totally empty. Could have sworn I'd photographed purples along the way. No doubt they're hiding somewhere on the laptop and are having a good laugh about now.

After a stroll through older posts, I selected a few of my favorite violets. Enjoy!

Imagine Peace by Fiona Dempster

detail of Scenes from a Marriage by Richard Saja

green tea rusted cotton, 2012, still waiting...

London restaurant, 2012

London street piano, 2012

graffiti, London, 2012

card from Pam
(remember she lives in the US Oz)

the little urchins' chairs
Meesha loves them too!

Hop on over to see what violet delights Julie and Fiona are sharing. If you've violets to share, just leave a comment for Julie or myself and we'll be happy to link to your post.


Update 1 - Need more violet? Lisa found magnificence in Seattle, Mary Ann shares her abstracts, Sharmon's Book of Dreams is enthralling and Maya's purple house has me yearning to paint...


Update 2 - Charlton Stitcher has posted violets from her holiday as well as a few of the stitching kind.
Yarngoddess at Sooner or Later is sharing the bounty of violets in her garden.


August's color is pink

August 21 - pink
September 18 - black
October 16 - white
November 20 - brown
December 18 - blogger's choice

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Marks - June 21

Saturday's mark making began with sheet of Rives BFK

that had been painted last week. 

A few circles were added.

As was an X

or 2...or 3.

A bit more color was needed

so the yellow crayon got to play.

 summer marks #2, 2014

Knowing that this will become a journal, I cut the pages 

and rearranged them just for fun. 

This is my 493rd post. My little urchins keep asking when they get to draw a name or 2 out of the rusty can again. Seems that in 7 more posts there needs to be a give-away to celebrate. Perhaps a mark making journal or 2. What do you think?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Marks - June 19

Summer vacation has begun which means lots of activities with the little urchins until their summer camp begins mid-July. We went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 yesterday and it was great!

Being that there's a stretch of very little studio time ahead, I've set a daily challenge for myself - to make a mark...or two...per day. It's building on what was begun during the 5th annual artist retreat at Pam's.

The key for me is to keep the marks simple. Yesterday morning, feeling in a mood to stitch yet

 lacking the time, stitch-like marks were added in a couple of places.

 I entered the studio this morning intending to add another mark

summer marks #1, 2014

and ended up deciding that the page is done. Time for a new sheet.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Searching for Roy G Biv - Indigo, update 1

Welcome to the latest installment in the search for Roy G Biv! We're up to I = indigo.

Indigo is a color that I've come to love in the past few years. For me, it evokes a deep stillness, a presence of mind and body at peace with the world and, more importantly, oneself. There's a truth, a grounding to this elusive color that intrigues as much as it soothes. There are stories there - ancient ones to be sure. But to hear them, we must be still...


ring toss at the carnival

detail of batik purchased in China, 2008

artful creases in knee of blue jeans 
seen at Kansas City airport in May

sidewalk tile, New York city

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, violet
That's Grace holding the indigo really high - you can just see her eyes.
Ellie is one of the violets.

indigo skies between Kansas and Connecticut

indigo skies patchwork chair featured in Sundance catalog

my Being There journal
indigo fabrics from Shiborigirl Studios

If you've found indigo, let Julie or me know via a comment and we'll be happy to link to your post.


Update 1 - My apologies for just now updating. Today is the first full day of summer vacation for my little urchins. To celebrate, we went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 and it was great! 

Back to indigo...if you're intrigued by indigo and want more, check these out:

Julie searched her archives for favorites
Fiona's indigo took flight
Maya has been having fun with Google doodles
Jill has summer time indigos
Mary Ann has compasses, sacred vessels and myths
Susan found indigo in public art and Pogo's bed
Yarngoddess begins her post with an indigo dye vat
Bridgette's indigo the very best way


If you'd like to join in the fun, July's color is violet.

July 17 - violet
August 21 - pink
September 18 - black
October 16 - white
November 20 - brown
December 18 - blogger's choice
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