Friday, May 20, 2016

Connecticut Scissorhands

Last Friday, I journeyed to Canton, CT to see Connecticut Scissorhands, a curated exhibition of the Connecticut chapter of Surface Design Association, which ends this Sunday. If you're in the area, I highly recommend seeing it.

As usual, my trusty camera tagged along so that photos could be taken. Numerous pieces were under glass and so not easily photographed. The following are those that I could get of good shot of. I've linked back to the artist's web site when possible. Enjoy!

Blood Moon

In A Galaxy

In A Galaxy, detail

Solar Flare


Ombrouchure, detail

 top row Francine Even
bottom row Anita Balkun

Temple of Prayers
 Mad Plaider

Mad Plaider, detail

 Christine Wilkinson
Homage to Anni

 Christine Wilkinson
Homage to Anni, detail
Kozo Totem

Kozo Totem, detail


Copper, detail
Common Threads

Common Threads, detail

Taj Mahal
Honorable Mention

Taj Mahal, detail

 Jennifer Coyne Qudeen
Mending the Wayfarer's Path
Jennifer Coyne Qudeen
Drawings from the Stargazer's Diary
Award of Excellence

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

On Exhibit - BY A THREAD

I am honored to have work included in BY A THREAD curated by Nancy Moore
The opening is this Saturday at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists.

An amazing artist and curator, Nancy is also one of my tea bag suppliers. Many of her donations went into creating  
The Red Boat, which is the piece she chose for the exhibition.

 The Red Boat, 2016
72" x 54"

I installed my piece on Monday and so was able to get a sneak peak of sorts at this exquisite exhibition of fiber art. It is very humbling to have been included. If you're in the area, stop by the opening on Saturday. This one is too good to miss!

Friday, May 6, 2016

7th Annual Artist Retreat, part 4

The final day of the 7th annual artist retreat arrived...much to Pam's and my chagrin. It seems the week flew by at amazing speeds this year.

After a leisurely breakfast, we decided to venture outside the studio today and

go into Kansas City (the Kansas side) to visit Asiatica. Known for their clothing constructed of vintage kimono material,

Asiatica is an all round visual feast.

I fell in love with these glass houses by Katsuya Ohigita

and couldn't resist taking this shot of Pam and I in mirror as she tried on that lovely scarf.

The true visual feast at Asiatica can be found behind the showroom wall. Row upon row of the vintage kimono cloth is bound and organized by color and pattern, waiting to create exquisite clothing.

The simple marks caught my eye

as did these reds.

But it was this red that captured my heart. It's safely packed and ready to fly back to the east coast tomorrow morning.

Many thanks to Pam and Mike for allowing me to invade again and to my husband, John, for understanding the importance of this week.

And thanks as well to the studio muses who always inspire and whose whispers become great what ifs

7th Annual Artist Retreat, part 3

The morning light as it begins to sneak into Pam's studio is glorious.

For a few seconds yesterday morning, before the sunlight drifted to the side, it made the recycled Macy's shopping bag handles of my newly created paper bag journal glow. 

Thursday was dedicated to finishing the black, white and red scroll. After all, it was home and it wanted to be completed move on to its next life. 

So I listened and obliged.


and cropping, 


 and joining.

We had both machines fairly humming most of the day. I always enjoy a bit of a chuckle when Pam and I sit at opposite ends of her worktable and begin stitching - Pam at her George and me at the full metal Elna that was once her mother's. Can't help but think of dueling sewing machines...

Pam's creation is exquisite. I need her permission to share photos though.

At some point around mid-day, Pam looked out the window and spied this little fellow searching for his lunch. He's so tiny - would fit in the palm of your hand. 

Back at work, the black, white and red scroll has become a double-sided accordion book. 



a different view

The last day of the retreat has arrived far too soon. I feel like I wasted half the time trying to do regular work. On one hand, I did. On the other...well, my folly proved once and for all that this time at Pam's truly is sacred play time. And we are serious about play. All bets are off, there are no mistakes, no bad ideas. And that is a very good place to be. 
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