Thursday, May 21, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv - Blue, update 1

Got the blues? Me too. Not the Moody Blues or the blah kind of blues, but the Roy G Biv blues. 

 sculpture in Duck, North Carolina

 drawing on table at Art on Paper, NYC 2015

 at Jessica Tuesday's in Putnam, CT

sign in Putnam, CT

 Baltimore Convention Center, 2015

 waiting to catch the train in Baltimore, 2015

 reflections in Boston Harbor, 2013

If you've blues to share, just leave a comment for Julie or me and we'll be happy to link to your blog post. Stay tuned for updates!


Are in you a proper blue mood now and want more? Enjoy a peaceful meander through the blogs:

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June 18 - indigo
July 16 - violet
August 20 -brown
September 17 -gold

October 15 -grey
November 19 -pink

December 17 - blogger's choice

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Alchemy of Tea

Alchemy of Tea has traveled to Texas.

It opens tomorrow at Lone Star College-Kingwood Fine Art Gallery.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mixed Media Meet Up and Swap - 10

Saturday night I participated in the Mixed Media Meet Up and Swap at The Empty Spaces Project's Gallery on Main Street in Putnam, CT. Participants were to bring 10 items to swap. A few rusty bits, feathers, beads, rusted cotton, tea bags, keys, metal stencils and metal letterpress were among my offerings. I was as curious to see who would select my bits as to see what others would bring. With 15 minutes to make our selections, I completely forgot to watch!

 These goodies, however, came home with me.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mixed Media Meet Up and Swap

The Empty Spaces Project's Gallery on Main Street in Putnam, CT is hosting their first ever mixed media meet up and swap tomorrow at 4 pm.

I'll be there. Will you?

Being an introvert, this sort of gathering is waaayyyyyy outside my comfort zone, but the idea of participating was just too intriguing. My 10 items to swap have been selected. I am equally curious to see what others bring as well as to see how my offerings are received. Stay tuned.

Searching for Roy G Biv 4 - Blue reminder

It's nearly time for May's installment of Roy G Biv.

Next Thursday, the 21st, blue will be the color of the day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


What do you do with your waiting time? Those riding times - in the car, during a flight, on the train or a ferry ride even - when you're the passenger and can only sit and hope to reach your destination soon.

Let's not forget those other waiting times when your children or loved ones are engaged in an activity that you are present at, but cannot participate in. Right now, it's hip hop and piano lesson for me. My urchins aren't aware, but I so want to be in that hip hop class. Shhh.....don't tell.

For me, waiting = stitching. Hand stitching on black cotton using DMC threads. The stitching began back in 2006 after taking Dorothy Caldwell's workshop at Peter's Valley Craft Center and continues. 

The first finished piece became the covers for cards.

The next 2 pieces are in the studio...waiting for me to decide what the next step is in their journey.

I played with their perspectives, mine really, not long ago by laying a mat atop them to see what effect cropping would have.

This latest piece was completed on the flight home from Jamaica. It measures 43" x 13" and was started back in the fall with the beginning of hip hop and piano lessons after school.

I stand back and think that the whole is wonderful, but it's when I move in closer, get a bit more intimate with it that sections sing and beg me to single them out.

Still...I'm just not sure what to do with pieces. What would you do?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 4 - Green

(note to self: next time there are plans to be out of the country on a Roy G Biv day, create the post and schedule it for publishing...just in case the internet connection is non-existent)

That was my original plan - create April's Roy post and schedule publishing on the 16th so it wouldn't need to be done over spring break. The photos were edited according to plan, know how it goes. Best laid plans and all that.

So once again, I've the role of White Rabbit, being most especially late this time!. Enjoy!


colorful houses in Corolla, North Carolina

neon sign in Reading Terminal, Philadelphia

a tartan plaid car 

 on the way to Santa Fe last October

antique store offering in Woodbury, CT

at the same store in Woodbury

hallway at my daughters' school

resort map of Jamaica

Look to the far left where Negril is. That's where we were over spring break. Seems the internet connection at Beaches Negril runs on island time. I managed to connect via my husband's cell phone just long enough to send Julie a note letting her know that my post would up sometime this weekend. Thanks for understanding!

In case you've yet to stroll April's greens, you're in for a treat. Head on over to see the treasures offered by:

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May 21 - blue
June 18 - indigo
July 16 - violet
August 20 -brown
September 17 -gold

October 15 -grey
November 19 -pink
December 17 - blogger's choice
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