Sunday, January 28, 2018

Baltimore - 2 Churches

A disclaimer seems appropriate given the photographic content of this post. I am not a religious person by anyone's definition. On my best days, it could be said that I am spiritual, but even that is sketchy. At the end of the day, though, churches fascinate me. It's the architecture - the creativity and skill that went into the designing, planning and constructing of such buildings. Like any big city, Baltimore is filled with churches.

One of my favorites is the Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church. Located near the George Peabody Library, this Victorian Gothic beauty dominates the skyline along Charles Street.

The building is made [of] six of different types of stone. Its extraordinary color (especially when wet) comes from the use of the now rare green serpentine metabasalt from the Falls Road area of Baltimore County, and buff and red sandstone trim.  (from the church website)

The stone carvers' marks, evident on every stone, 

 bring to mind hand stitching.

It is impossible, for me, to pass this beauty without touching the carvers' marks and wondering at the history and stories behind them. Did each stone carver have a signature mark? Did it vary based on the stone? What thoughts occupied the carvers minds while their hands produced such beauty, etc.

I would love to see the inside as well. A kind lady stopped while I was photographing 

and assured me that the inside is just as spectacular. 

I did try the front doors, but they were locked. Perhaps on a future visit...


The Baltimore Basilica's facade is quite a contrast. 

It presents a very imposing front, complete with  majestic columns.

I must admit to being a bit baffled and disappointed as I walked up the steps, finding this church more akin to a federal building than my idea of a cathedral. And then I entered.

 The lightness of the interior stopped me mid step and all disappointment fled 

to be replaced by awe.


  1. I immediately envision tiny churches constructed with stiffened teabags ...

  2. I'll try again....I like churches also and I'm not religious. I like the silence. When 'they' start talking, I'm out of there. :)

  3. Yes, I appreciate these type of buildings for the designs & craftmanship.


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