Tuesday, June 27, 2017

London - Saturday

Greetings from London! One of the perks of having a husband whose work requires him to travel is that sometimes it's possible for the girls and I to join him. His past few summer meetings in London have been scheduled at the last minute making it impossible for us to tag along. Thankfully, we had adequate advance notice this time!

We took a red flight Friday night (bad idea on my part...rationally made sense, yet not realistically) and slept away half the afternoon once all checked in. 

When John was finally able to drag us off the couch (me) and the floor (the girls),

we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.

Near the end of London Bridge, was a memorial for the Manchester 

and London Bridge tragedies,

some left by travelers from all around the world. 

Ellie was particularly curious and would have read each note if time had allowed.

Back in our room, the setting sun painted the sky beautifully and provided the perfect backdrop for the bit of the London Eye that we can see. Now to adjust to the time difference.

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  1. Always such a lovely thing to go visiting another city with you J+++!


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