Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The silence in between

Last week was my family's annual beach week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

 Most days you could find me sitting in that very chair, reveling in the surroundings
 and luxuriating in the nightly fireworks. 

 The younger ones threw out and checked the crab pots

 so many times each day that it's a bit surprising anything had a chance 
to wander in and be captured. 



 Mornings were spent playing games

 or enjoying Mother Nature's wet work on the windows.

 There were mermaid sightings,

 beach type go-go dancers

 and even a ghostly sort of image that somehow managed to be captured. 
Now...if only I knew how I did it...

 We checked this not-so-little fellow's progress each day on our stroll to the beach.

 The play of light and shadow

 was just too good

 not to photograph.

  And then there were the reflections down by the dock,

during what Christine called The Silvery Hour that caught my eye. 

Weaving its way through the week was lots of laughter, treasured stories told and retold, much giggling from the three female urchins, precious grins and hugs from my tallest-in-the-family nephew and the restorative and grounding qualities that come from a week spent with loved ones.


  1. The most wonderful place on the planet ... beautifully captured for memory's sake

  2. Looks positively perfect. Glow sticks, bracelets and the like, what fun. I am sure all those patterns will end up somewhere in the work. xox

    1. Who could go wrong with a week at the beach? It was a wonderful time, just too short as always. If only we could stay a month...of course, then we'd be wanting 2 months. Ha! Not sure where/when the patterns will emerge, but they've been in mind all week. Enjoy!

  3. Hi JQ - such peacefulness and poetry in the imagery - just the thing for relaxing. Mermaid sightings who would have thought - great camera action. Continue to enjoy. B

    1. Many thanks Barry! It was a restful time, just far too short. Enjoy!

  4. almost nostalgic, though why? but lovely.

  5. These are beautiful photographs Jennifer. I am especially taken with the colors of the crabs. A week at the beach sounds like heaven.

    1. Aren't the blue crabs gorgeous? For some reason, their colors this year seems more vibrant. I could have taken scores of photos of them. They weren't too keen about my camera...or me. Enjoy!

  6. Oozing serenity...the perfect break away.

    1. Yes. But then trips to the beach are always that way. Is it the same on your beaches? Enjoy!

  7. beautiful images of what looks like a treasured family holiday - thanks for sharing the beauty


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