Friday, May 6, 2016

7th Annual Artist Retreat, part 4

The final day of the 7th annual artist retreat arrived...much to Pam's and my chagrin. It seems the week flew by at amazing speeds this year.

After a leisurely breakfast, we decided to venture outside the studio today and

go into Kansas City (the Kansas side) to visit Asiatica. Known for their clothing constructed of vintage kimono material,

Asiatica is an all round visual feast.

I fell in love with these glass houses by Katsuya Ohigita

and couldn't resist taking this shot of Pam and I in mirror as she tried on that lovely scarf.

The true visual feast at Asiatica can be found behind the showroom wall. Row upon row of the vintage kimono cloth is bound and organized by color and pattern, waiting to create exquisite clothing.

The simple marks caught my eye

as did these reds.

But it was this red that captured my heart. It's safely packed and ready to fly back to the east coast tomorrow morning.

Many thanks to Pam and Mike for allowing me to invade again and to my husband, John, for understanding the importance of this week.

And thanks as well to the studio muses who always inspire and whose whispers become great what ifs


  1. Hi J - looks like you were having heaps of fun; but I also love those glass houses. Enjoy. B

    1. Loads of fun was had. It just ended too soon. Enjoy!

  2. I feel sad that you are leaving, so you must be way sad! What a joyful, play-filled week; great company and wonderful discoveries. You'd just love to bottle these times wouldn't you so that you can dip in and renew yourself when needed? So glad it was fab!

  3. perfect end to a terrific retreat. I'm drooling over the fabric and that little red house. xo

  4. Amazing did you not come home with the whole place. Glass houses are amazing. Xox

  5. Ach! I could have left the contents of my bank account at Asiatica and left their back room quite a bit emptier. I don't know how you resisted. Thank you for sharing your successes and successful failures ('cause you learned from them, right?) of your sacred retreat with Pam. Yay to play!

  6. yes, the glass houses are terrific things. glad you had this time and may your return be easy, both flight and re-entry.


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