Saturday, March 12, 2016

WONDER - John Grade

John Grade 

To commemorate the Renwick's reopening, Grade selected a hemlock tree in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle that is approximately 150 years old - the same age as this building.

His team created a full plaster cast of the tree (without harming it),

then used the cast as a mold to build a new tree out of a half-million segments of reclaimed cedar.

Hundreds of volunteers assisted Grade, hand carving each piece to match the contours of the original tree.

After the exhibition closes, Middle Fork (Cascades) will be carried back to the hemlock's location and left on the forest floor, where it will gradually return to the earth. (accompanying statement at the Renwick)


  1. saw this show last weekend. It is spectacular! thanks for the wonderful photos. love seeing it again through your eyes.

    1. Thank you Lori! I've been fortunate to see WONDER twice and am eager for a third (and hopefully multi-school group free) visit. To be honest, I think everyone should experience the works in this exhibit. Enjoy!


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