Thursday, December 17, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 4 - Blogger's Choice - Update #1

Welcome to the December installment of searching for Roy G Biv. This month's color is blogger's choice. I'm very curious to see what everyone chose and just as curious to find out why.

For myself, since this will be the last official Roy G Biv post, I decided to cull through the archives for my favorites.

Newburgh, Scotland 2013

 steps at ABC Home, NYC

 London street, 2012

 Cleveland 2014

 Pittsburgh 2013

 between NYC and Kansas, 2015

NYC 2012

When Julie and I began the search for Mr. Biv, I had no idea the effect it would have on my way of viewing my surroundings. Rather than walking with head down or focusing solely on my destination or route, I began to lift my head and to look...really look about me and to search for that little hint of color midst the ordinary. It's those surprises that have become my favorites. 

Searching for Mr. Biv has become a habit when taking photos so don't be surprised to find a red or pink or violet post here every now and then. Until then, it's been an honor to share the rainbow with you. 

So...blogger's choice. What color(s) did you choose? Just leave a note for Julie or myself and we'll happily link to your post. Stay tuned for updates.


It was Julie's post...oh...5-ish years ago entitled Roy G Biv that included a photo of something green with the caption, "Enough said"...(or that's how I remember it)...that had me sitting at the computer, staring at her photo and wondering just who this Mr. Biv was. A mad internet search later had me hanging my head in shame at claiming to be an artist yet being totally unaware of Mr. Biv's existence. To make matters worse, I asked my husband if he was acquainted with this guy and his laughter could heard all up and down our street. 

Many thanks to you Julie for humoring me and agreeing to play along. Many of her photos along the way were taken in Old Town Alexandria, VA near the Torpedo Factory Art Center which is where Julie and I met a long time ago. It has been a real treat to share this with you. to see what gems await on Julie's blog? To head on over, click here and cruise the rainbow.

Fiona chose a quiet color for her Thursday Thoughts post to correspond to the end of the rainbow. White - quiet, dignified, the presence of all colors in a serene way.  

Lisa at arzigoglare chose golden green, a color that exudes life and renewal. As always, her photos have left me in awe. 

Dorit of life as a five ring circus offers a variety of yellows guaranteed to make you smile.


  1. I love your choices, Jennifer (those steps - mmmm!), and I enjoyed hearing how the monthly challenge has influenced how you experience your surroundings. I would have to say I agree! Many thanks to both you & Julie for bringing/holding this ever-growing group of ROY G BIV seekers together!

  2. It's been such fun participating in the Roy G Biv photo search...many thanks for hosting this great way to celebrate color and making new friends!

  3. i love that boat...and missed it when it wasn't there this year!

  4. A lovely selection - especially that green bath. And very many thanks for organising and hosting. Great fun! I've posted on my blog as a finale!

  5. Hi J - sorry for not checking in lately - as you know we have been a bit preoccupied. Had to say though that I love the photo of the rusted stair tread. Keep blogging and sharing in 2016 - I love to see what others are up to and blogger offer more of an insight than FB. Go well, be well and continue to create well. B

  6. Just discovered you/your blog in the November/December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors....LOVE the rusted cloth method!...and your suggestion to see "rusty bits" in a whole new way! I feel an attack of altered couture coming on ;) Thank you for sharing your gift.


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