Thursday, November 19, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv - Pink - Update 1

Welcome to the November installment of the search for Roy G Biv. Julie and I gone through the usual rainbow alphabet and are featuring other colors to round out the year. November's color was once relegated to little girls' clothes and various candies (cotton and Bazooka bubblegum come to mind), but that no longer seems the case. These days pink can be found on city streets, in home goods stores, outside offering a place to rest, on a wall proclaiming the establishment's name and even in the schools promoting worthy messages. Enjoy!

 Boston traffic

There is no place like home at ABC Home, NYC
 bakery car in Westport, CT

 store sign in Lawrence, KS

 store sign at the local mall

 chairs at Prospector Theater,  Ridgefield

 team softball helmets

 good message our my daughters' school

As usual, if you've pinks to share, just leave a message for Julie or myself and we'll happily link to your blog post. Happy hunting!


Stroll on over to see the pink delights offered by:

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  1. Great job as usual finding unusual examples of pink, Jennifer! I have posted my pinks as well!

  2. The first photo is priceless as well as all the others! I posted just a few myself.

  3. Some fun pinks you've found there! Have posted mine too.

  4. A lovely bunch again - I like the garage sign and of course RESPECT!

  5. Love that bakery car ... Wonderful art work!

  6. Beautiful pinks, Jennifer! I especially love the row of chairs & the helmets, but together they all make such a nice collection of media/materials/form/shape...


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