Thursday, October 1, 2015

Santa Fe - Tuesday

Days here in Santa Fe begin slowly. As at home, I'm usually the first to wake and venture into the studio/living room/kitchen space to brew a cup of tea, edit photos, blog surf, mull over the previous day's work and wonder what the new day will bring. Pam comes in and we continue our morning routines in the comfortable silence (or not) that old friends share.

As the time nears 7 o'clock, we being stealing glances out the studio door to see what sort of light display Mother Nature is going to grace us with as the sun begins its ascent into the sky. 

Tuesday morning's sunrise was breathtaking and seemed to stretch for miles. Even the soft pastels of the fading colors were spectacular as were the misty grays of the mountains.

Strolling back into the studio,

details caught my eye.

 acrylic on Rives BFK 

Stepping inside, the circles I'd begun stamping on Monday were on the table waiting to be finished. Inspired by the irrigation circles viewed on the flight from Dallas to Albuquerque, I couldn't think of doing anything else. 

Pam's painted and stitched spiral

Pam stitched on her spiral

Pam's work in progress

and pondered the future of these pieces. 

At some point, the outside world beckoned.

All finished...sort of.

Pam's drawing

While I pondered the next step for my stamped circles, Pam drew a few of her own. 

Pam's drawing

 I love the freedom and joy, the energy of Pam's marks.

Soon enough, it was time for our nightly ritual so we went out back to claim prime seats

to watch the sunset.

The sky is vast here. The silence is as well, broken only by the chirps of night birds, buzzing or clicking of bugs and the howl of coyotes when the sun reaches a certain level.


  1. Ah, this brought back wonderful memories of our trip to Santa Fe in 2014 ...

    And I'm loving the reflections on crop circles

    1. Any tips for places to visit next year when Pam & I return? The studio is so wonderful that we're loathe to leave it for long. Enjoy!

  2. Magnificence in and out of the studio. Loving long tables, long pieces of work and long views. I am especially fascinated by how circles vary from one artist to the next.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. into night and night into day and all the wonder between...creating!!

  4. so amazing, the place, you carving time for your creative heart with a friend. beautiful, indeed.


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