Friday, October 2, 2015

Santa Fe - Thursday

Thursday in Santa Fe began with chilled temperatures

and another gorgeous sunrise.

I stood gazing in awe at the sky when movement along the ground to my left registered.

 A rabbit had hopped across the drive into the brush, looking for something tasty.

Back inside, as Pam and I chatted over breakfast, I viewed my long line of stitched together circles strewn across

the studio floor and began to see them differently.

Rather than turning them into a book, how would they look cropped to small squares...

reminiscent of the plowed and cultivated fields that had inspired it all? I came to Santa Fe wishing to play and experiment with paper and am leaving with a new body of work in progress. 

And a plethora of sunrise and sunset photos to last me through the Connecticut winter.


  1. Stunning, beautiful cropping, great idea, how that collaborative energy works wonders.

  2. Hi J - beautiful images of sunrises and sunsets - almost wants one want to stay outdoors - but then again there is creativity indoors. Enjoy your time with Pam to the fullest. B

  3. I love these big skies Jennifer - so much air, you really feel as if you can breathe. And oh my - the cropping is perfect! What a wonderful resolution and new journey beginning...

  4. Your beautifully cropped pieces are a delight! l love how they look all grouped together. Just beautiful.... as is that amazing sky!


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