Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sandra Brownlee at Long Ridge Farm - Day 4

Day 4 = words

Words on cars,

on bridges,

and on paper.

Sandra gave us the task of choosing 3 words from the previous day to write and hang on the fence line.

We viewed the words, seemingly disconnected yet related. Whispered words floated on the breeze as did the sound of pens against paper as some were jotted in notebooks, memories needing to be recorded. Bird song filled the air as we read the words aloud.

Then we set about organizing them into thoughts

like lines from a poem.

We took time to be thoughtful about the fence lines

and read them aloud before

editing and rearranging them

into whole new thoughts carrying deeper meaning.

Choose your favorite and stamp it over and over on this piece of cloth was our next assignment.

So we did.

As I stamped my choice, I set the just used stamp (red) on my notebook pages in random order. Once the ink dried, I stamped the full phrase atop the random marks. I don't remember whose words* these are, but they touched my soul and have become very dear to me.

words on body
on stone
on paper
on elephant
on cloth 
on stick
on skin 

*Velma Bolyard

Our fence line prose was recorded on a larger cloth - each of us taking a section to stamp.

I am so delighted to be here

Yes. That says it all.


  1. ah, from this place of some sadness, this reminder is huge. thank you, jennifer. the words you like are mine.

    1. My heart goes out to you and your children. You've been in my thoughts all week so it's not surprising that the words are yours. Do you mind if they appear, mostly hidden, in my art from time to time?

    2. of course i don't mind, rather, i'm honored.

  2. Sandra has such inspiring classes, so glad you are sharing.

    1. Sandra's classes are the epitome of inspiring on so many levels. I highly recommend taking one if you ever get the chance. This was my second and I'm looking forward to a third...get something new and different out of the class each time. Enjoy!

  3. I loved your words too Velma. Thanks for taking us right back there Jennifer. xox

    1. Can you guess where my mind has been all week?

  4. Hi J - looks like so much connectivity between people; and then with words. Continue to enjoy. B

  5. So many places I will probably not get to ... and therefore, great appreciation for your generous sharing of them here. Thank you.

  6. It seems to me so special when we can discover words that matter to us, and then find ways to bring them together in something beautiful. Words have a power of sorts that gives us energy and the work as well. What a wonderful week! Maybe you could do a Sandra workshop in Oz??? :- )

    1. "a Sandra workshop in Oz"

      She taught over there somewhere last year and I so wanted to take it. If she's ever back there, you would enjoy the class.

      Words are truly amazing. The whole experience of taking such seemingly disconnected words and arranging them into a poem was magical and will long be remembered.

  7. I love that bridge. So glad it's still there

    1. I'd actually driven under it twice without noticing! Velma asked about it so I made sure to look the next morning. Enjoy!


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