Tuesday, May 26, 2015

6th Annual Artist Retreat - Monday

During last year's retreat week, Pam and I chose to concentrate on mark making on paper. Full sheets of various printmaking papers, sumo, kozo, vellum, etc. were laid out so that we could make a mark or two as the mood hit us. We used whatever was at hand - paint, ink, tea, crayons, brushes, threads, the sewing machine....just whatever seemed to have potential.

Given last year's success, we've chosen to continue working with paper. As usual, there are no plans other to play and experiment, enjoy each other's company, maybe learn a thing or two and, if we're very lucky, come away with an idea for new work.

I opened the boxes that had been shipped last week and laid out my papers. 

Pam decided to experiment with a new material

while I attempted to coptic bind a tiny sample book. The photo was posted to my Facebook artist page where Velma suggested more signatures and 2 or 4 sewing stations.

Using craft paper as my pages and being more of an asymmetrical person,

I worked with 5 sewing stations and 10 signatures. I'd followed online directions that only required using 1 needle. After attaching the cover, it seemed simple enough yet my stitches look a tad off. User error most likely. I'll try Velma's 2 needle method today.

Pam assembled a lovely book of technique samples.

Light and ethereal, 

the colors



and movement draw me in and make me want to listen to its stories.


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