Sunday, April 19, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 4 - Green

(note to self: next time there are plans to be out of the country on a Roy G Biv day, create the post and schedule it for publishing...just in case the internet connection is non-existent)

That was my original plan - create April's Roy post and schedule publishing on the 16th so it wouldn't need to be done over spring break. The photos were edited according to plan, know how it goes. Best laid plans and all that.

So once again, I've the role of White Rabbit, being most especially late this time!. Enjoy!


colorful houses in Corolla, North Carolina

neon sign in Reading Terminal, Philadelphia

a tartan plaid car 

 on the way to Santa Fe last October

antique store offering in Woodbury, CT

at the same store in Woodbury

hallway at my daughters' school

resort map of Jamaica

Look to the far left where Negril is. That's where we were over spring break. Seems the internet connection at Beaches Negril runs on island time. I managed to connect via my husband's cell phone just long enough to send Julie a note letting her know that my post would up sometime this weekend. Thanks for understanding!

In case you've yet to stroll April's greens, you're in for a treat. Head on over to see the treasures offered by:

Julie at Julie B Booth
Lisa at arzigogolare
Elfi at elf2mani
Susan and Elizabeth at PG Fiber2Art
Mary Ann at Blue Sky Dreaming
Roxanne at Ideas in Cloth
Eric at Cerulean
Margaret at Charlton Stitcher


May 21 - blue
June 18 - indigo
July 16 - violet
August 20 -brown
September 17 -gold

October 15 -grey
November 19 -pink
December 17 - blogger's choice


  1. A lovely selection as always, Jennifer. As a frequent visitor to Scotland, the tartan car really made me smile!

    1. Oddly enough, the tartan wrapped car was here in the town over, in fact. At first sight, I assumed it advertising a business...Scotch tape or a weaver of tartans...but there was no advertising on the car. Someone simply loves this tartan pattern. Enjoy!

  2. ooo the tartan car is definitely my fav --- as its in the family tartan (ie -- macleod hunting tartan) --- I can really see myself zipping around in a tartan car, avenging my macleod ancestors xxx

    1. I so want respond with a good Scottish brogue, but can't figure out how to spell a few of the sounds... Thanks for the vision of you defending your ancestral line in a tartan car!

  3. Hi J - pre-posting is such a neat approach. Go well. B

  4. I love the spearmint green of that first house; but am struggling with the green (and yellow) on the tins of Campbell's tomato soup - it's doing my head in, they should be red!

    1. The soup cans affected me the same way...kept wanting to grab a can and a marker to correct the colors. Enjoy!

  5. A tartan car - wow. That is quite something. Wonder if we have anything like that splash of colour on cars down under??? I tend to wear black or grey and drive a grey car - like Earl Grey tea for goodness sake! I can assure you though - there is a myriad of colour within me ....:-) Wish Fiona and I were joining you two for your art retreat, or visa versa. Soon maybe. x ps glad someone else was behind in getting out their 'greens'.


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