Thursday, December 18, 2014

Searching for Roy G Biv 3 - Blogger's Choice - Update 2

Welcome to 2014's last installment in the search for Roy G Biv. This month's color is blogger's choice and I've chosen...what else?...rust. Enjoy!

Richard Serra

Cleveland, OH

Newburgh, Scotland

Cleveland, OH

Philadelphia, PA

Wilton, CT

Wilton, CT

It's a bit difficult to believe we've come to the end of a full year of posting the colors of the rainbow and beyond. In case you're wondering, Julie and I are continuing the search in 2015. January through July will follow the Roy G Biv alphabet. Afterwards, we're going off rainbow with the addition of brown, gold (think metallics...silver in 2016), grey, pink and ending the year with blogger's choice.

If you'd like to join in the fun, but don't know the rules...guidelines's very simple. Just post 5 or so photos of items featuring that month's color to your blog. When it's live, let Julie or I know via a comment on our blogs and we'll list your blog and link to it. This truly is a case of the more, the merrier so we'd love to have all our blogging friends joining in. 2015's calendar is below.

Speaking of Julie, I'd like to congratulate her on the release of her book,

Fabric Printing at Home can be ordered from QBookshop or Amazon. I am thrilled for Julie and can't wait for my copy to arrive. Guess how I'll be spending the holidays! It's also an honor to have work included in the gallery section.

Happy searching!


Mary Ann over at Blue Sky Dreaming shares some of her most loved colors from the year.

Sharmon of Sharmon Davidson Contemporary Mixed Media begins her year end post with a rustic collection of greys.

Charlton Stitcher reviews the flavours of the year.

Maya of Million Little Stitches chose opulent and sparkly golds as her color of choice.

Eric of Cerulean has posted a few subtle, earthy-toned favorites. 

Thank to all who have searched with us this year! It's been amazing to view your finds each month. Happy searching in 2015!!!


January 15 - red
February 19 - orange   
March 19 - yellow 
April 16 - green
May 21 - blue

June 18 - indigo
July 16 - violet

August 20 -brown
September 17 -gold
October 15 -grey
November 19 -pink
December 17 - blogger's choice


  1. Love all those rusty finds! Thanks for the book plug!

  2. You and Julie put on a great search and I'm so glad I joined in... thank you for all the links!

  3. You really did find the most gorgeous rust - what I wouldn't give for one of those iron pigs! I have posted my last color as well, and have really enjoyed playing along! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Sorry got a bit late this time but I've got a post on Blogger's choice.
    Fascinating collection of rust you've got Jennifer.

  5. Your choice here would definitely be mine as well. Thank you!

  6. Delicious rust! ... I hope to post something later tonight or tomorrow morning, whenever time allows.

  7. Wonderful choice of rust as a color. I´ve posted my submission on my blog.

  8. I love your monthly color ritual! -- not sure what Roy G Biv 3 means exactly or if there are guidelines as to where the photos are from or, more importantly, if anyone can join in? Thanks!

    1. Peggy - No worries about not knowing exactly what Roy G Biv means...I didn't either know who he was when Julie of Julie B Booth blog mentioned him in a post. I promptly looked him up only to discover that Roy G Biv is not a person, but a way to learn the colors of the rainbow.

      Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

      Not how I'd learned the rainbow, but how Julie, my husband and many others did. Thus the search for Roy G Biv was born. Each month (see calendar above) we feature a color following the Roy G Biv alphabet and post photos that we've taken of objects that highlight that month's color to our blogs. 5 photos, give or take a few will do.

      If you do join the search - and we'd love to have you! - just leave a comment for Julie or me and we'll list your blog and link to your post. First post of 2015 will be January 15 and the color is red.

      Happy searching!

  9. Rust was definitely the perfect color for you, Jennifer! I just love how the snow has fallen into the notches of the cogs (I think?) - such an interesting juxtaposition.
    Sorry to have missed the December edition of ROY, but I am enjoying doing the "tour" of the others at last... Thanks for another great year of color!


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