Sunday, November 9, 2014

Santa Fe - Monday

Day 2 in Santa Fe began with another spectacular sunrise. Cloud filled and more subdued than Sunday's, it seemed to echo the mood in the studio. 

You see, there'd been one of those late night calls that are dreaded when traveling. The phone rings, you see the caller's name, look at the clock to calculate the time at home and know that this isn't good. 

And it wasn't. My Grace had fallen off our back deck, landed badly on her left arm and broke it rather nastily just above the elbow. The local hospital was sending her via ambulance to Yale New Haven's pediatric section. My easy going, able-to-handle-anything-at-the-drop-of-a-hat husband was sounding very emotional while trying not to. (deep breath in, hold it, deep breath out...)

Texts went back and forth until I finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. Monday morning had me calling Southwest Airlines, explaining the situation and changing my flight. I arrived home at nearly midnight time to give hugs all round on Wednesday morning and get Ellie ready for school before heading up to the hospital for Grace's surgery. 5 pins inserted in her elbow and a whopping big cast for such a little urchin. 

We just had the one week follow-up and the healing is happening as it should. (insert humongous sigh of relief) Her blue sparkly cast is now green and very, very sparkly. Who knew that regular old glitter glue is the decoration of choice for sparkly casts in hospitals?

So...two weeks after experiencing a magical first day in Santa Fe, I'm sitting here hoping that life will return to some sort of normal this week. There's work to be done in the studio and my soul could use a good studio day...or 2...or 4...


  1. oh, jennifer, it happened to me once, too. it's SO very hard. but a glittery cast is pretty nifty in spite of a messed up arm.

  2. Hopefully all the glitter works Jennifer - and the world does spin back into regular 'orbit' - here's to strength for you all!! And here's to the Studiooooo days coming soon - they are the best!! Cheers now!

  3. Hi J - grand to hear that G's arm is well on the way to healing - and 5 pins to boast of. Sad about the interruption to your creativity - hope you are able to immerse yourself in a few days of creativity for you. Go well. B

  4. I tried a comment, and it claimed to be publishing, but I don't see it. My apologies if this is a dupe....

    How frightening. Thank goodness for modern medicine, and for living close to excellent practitioners of that good medicine!

    Sending good thoughts for smooth and quick healing, of body, and of spirits.

  5. What a terrible accident - and awful timing too. Poor Grace (and Mom - and Dad). By now I hope she is recovering well (and that you & Dad are too)...

  6. A most heart felt Thank You! to everyone for your kindness and healing thoughts for Grace and my family. She's healing quickly and hopefully the cast will come off the first week of December. She's ready for that now, of course!


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