Friday, August 1, 2014

Cleveland - Day 3

Day 2 of Velma's and Aimee's class at the Morgan Conservatory was as wonderful as the first. And I'm just as pleasantly tired. Enjoy the photos!

 my first pages of hand-made paper


 sneaking at peek at Christine's stitched leaves

 indigo dipped book by Velma

 Lotta looking at A Lettered Life by Carol J Binn

 pages (above and below) from artist book by Trace Willans of Soewn Earth

 twined shoe by Aimee Lee


  a little reading material

 front windows at Luxe

 the Bloom was delicious


  1. This is fantastic, thank you for sharing just a little bit, Jennifer. If there is time, do not miss the art museum - the collections are extraordinary. One more reason why Cleveland is a great place to be.

    1. Thank you Ann! I'm loving Cleveland and want to visit again when there's more time to explore. Wonder how late the museum is open on Sundays? Enjoy!


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